Devout Christian mother-of-three, 31, becomes first woman in Britain to DIE from cannabis poisoning after smoking a joint in bed to help her sleep

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    Now I am calling bullshit on this one. That's just me though. My logic? She is not special. 
    MJ has been used for thousands of years by people of all races/religions and there hasn't been one death, what makes this woman special?
    I think she was smoked synthetic or laced MJ. 
    My friend smoked some King Kong (synthetic) and he was spazzing out pretty badly... I can definitely see her overdosing on that.
    The article also says she had moderate-high levels of THC in her system. I like how they say that. Like it's possible to have 'too much' THC in your system...
    What about the stoners who have been smoking for 20 years+? They must have a crazy amount of the drug in their system... But you don't see them dropping of heart attacks... Just more BS...
    Who verified if the MJ was real?
    Who else performed the autopsy? Did any 3rd party doctors back up this guy's claim?
    In my opinion this is blatant propaganda by the British Empire to try to demonize the current legalization efforts in the States.
  2. Its the daily mail. The routinely make up stories. There is a lot of stuff already out discrediting this article easily findable through google.
  3. I searched on GC and it wasn't posted so it's fair game...
    It doesn't matter if it's fake because the point is that people will believe this drivel...
    They are trying to demonize it and distort the public opinion on cannabis.
  4. Its been posted more than once already.

    The daily mail isnt trying to push an agenda though. They are creating sensationalist stories on controversial issues for traffic
  5. Link?
  6. Not only is that website notorious for making up stuff, but some dealers will spray their stuff with special chemicals either while curing or growing (as far as I know) to make it more potent. And not like lacing it with other drugs, even though this would be a type of lacing, but I mean with special chemicals to help potenate it. As you could imagine the stuff they use probably isn't the safest stuff, so if this lady really did die, that would be my best guess Oh and did you know the coroner that released this statement refuses to give evidence of his medical license? Well yeah, he won't Sent from my HTC One using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. Da fuck outta here kid

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    go back to the ghetto
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    Yep marijuana caused the heart attack, it is completely unrelated to being completely out-of-shape. I mean a heart attack at 31 means you are in about the worst shape imaginable. One that kills you, holy fuck you have to be really bad off physically. 
  10. Can marijuana get a redo on that?
  11. I'm calling bunk on that. I'm not debating she died of a heart attack, but there has not been one recorded case of someone dying of "Marijuana Poisoning", especially not after such a trivial dose. She obviously had some underlying health issue that was not addressed. 
    It's just not possible. Even people against smoking frequently admit that. As I said, there has not been a single recorded and verified case of anyone dying from pot.
    The marijuana in this case is nothing more than a red herring. 
    My buddies dad always talked about back in the day selling buds covered in embalming fluid to increase the weight. 
  13. Thats nasty, but embalming fluid to add weight? I've heard of people just spray it with water to add weight or sprite or 7-up to make it sticky.
    Yeah and if youve ever actually seen embalming fluid before the shit is just gross and his customers are SMOKING it and he has a free conscience maaaan that shit is fucked. 
  15. yeah thats fucked.
  16. I used to have this cunt that sprayed it with mortein while curing,,back like 5years ago i knew nothing,, asked him why hes spraying it,, he said he wasnt lacing it but killing the microscopic bugs inside.... Me been the dumbshit smoked it for weeks before i brought it up in discussion then they told me what it does.... Fucking hell... If thats just one cunt spraying it with mortein you can imagine some of the shit some fucking people put,,

    Theres been heaps of deaths asscociated with synthetics, but what if she genuinly smoked her normal routine,, but was the rare 1 in a trillion that suddenly had a heart attack whilst grilled..?
  17. ^ and ontop of she having it in her system and had a heart attak the propaganda of the media wants to say pot caused it.., its fuked i want to cut these peoples tounges out to keep them from spreading their bullshit
  18. The chavs over in here in wales spray it with something sticky and sprinkle glass on it to make it look like thc from the first look.
    The british newspapers are terrible. Peter Hitchens is a huge w***er he will make anything up, I mean the british newsoapers are getting hauled through court because of levinson anyway so they are clutching at straws trying to sell more papers before the judge shuts their arses down.

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