devin the dude?

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  1. all stoners and hip/hop lover should listen nd love this song.
    [ame=""]YouTube - devin the dude doobie ashtray[/ame]
    as good as i think it is?
  2. i played that to my friends whgile we were high troday... they7 hated it... go figure since i lve it even sober,,,
  3. That song is the shit
    Nice post
  4. yeeeaaah like I said all hip-hop lovers and chilled-out stoners should like.
  5. Check out "Kush Blow"
    Also known as the song from "Bong Hits in the Hood"

    Kush Blow
    Smoke and Numbers ft. Sean Kingston

    Search on Youtube
    Couldnt find on Limwire or Bearshare
  6. Yeah man sounds pretty good. Even give a shout to fu-gee-la by the fugees rofl. Sounds like its got a bit of a T.I. beat too.
  7. reefer and beer
  8. i just started gettin into him about a month ago. his music is great and chill sober or high.
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    All of his albums sans Waitin' to Inhale are excellent.

    Dude's more of a personal listen but I definitely dig his whole vibe.
  10. Yeah man he speaks the truth as well in some of his stuff not just "im gunna stab you and fuck your mum like shes my bitch" which is what alot of hip-hop is like out there. Anyone heard hand of the dead body by scarface and ice cube? he does the chorus singing bit in that its quite sick.
    [ame=""]YouTube - Scarface ft. Ice Cube, Devin - Hand Of The Dead Body[/ame]

  11. what do you mean by "personal listen"?
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    I mean, you generally can't just throw his stuff on when you're being social/going out/with co-workers, etc. His music has a lot of ambiance and an abundance of highly personalized subject-matter that pertains to a small sliver of society.

    It's more of a small group/individual listen.

  13. Oh, yeah I see what you mean. Yeah, my friends couldn't grasp his greatness lol.
  14. the name says it all

    devin the dude is THE DUDE

    [ame=""]YouTube - Devin The Dude ft. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000 - What A Job[/ame]
  15. yeaah sick tune. He is well known but more underground than mainstream but i love it. Best personal find yet lol.
  16. I prefer...

    [ame=""]YouTube - Outkast Crubling Erb[/ame]

    but that's just me ;)
  17. devin the dude is the shit, all his older stuff still kills all the mainstream shit out rite now IMO his mixtape cd "smoke sessions vol.1" is fuckin dope too
  18. Haha im so happy that other stoners have discovered him and like him as much as me. Honestly, he is one of my fav at the moment.
    Peace anyways thanks for feedback all.
  19. Qreat tune! :hello: I'll be enjoying this tonight.

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