Devin the Dude *appreciation thread*

Discussion in 'General' started by ondrugz, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. i always see cypress hill, snoop, bone etc. get mentioned when people ask for good smoking songs but too often im the first to drop devins name which leads me to beleive hes still relatively unknown in the pothead community, which is sad

    heres some of my favorite toking songs by Devin the Dude

    what a job feat. snoop dogg and andre 3000(classic)

    lacville 79(video)

    nothin to roll with(devin just fuckin around, givin props to his bong)

    doobie ashtray(classic)

    steady gettin blowed

    just because(devin talkin about how he wishes he could beat his girlfriends ass)
  2. big fan of the 'dude
  3. im always down to hear some new shit i havent heard b4. im giving duke a try but im not really feeling it, its too slow for me. Doobie ash tray has a good beat but FUCK is it slow
  4. Reeeeefer and Beeeer!
  5. My homeboys older brother chills with devin every so often, he says that he smokes a shit ton. I love a lot of his songs, i'm glad he's finally becoming somewhat popular.
  6. What about "Sticky Green"
  7. couldnt find it on youtube
  8. bump, in case you missed it

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