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  1. I was looking through the threads and the last one pertaining to DA was from 2009. I thought i might as well make a newer one.

    was interested in seeing some fellow toker's galleries. :rolleyes:

    Mine is B4ND3R5N4TCH

    I don't have much up right now and most of it's old, but i am planning on getting some of my woodworking, 3d modeling, and animation stuffs up in the next few months...
  2. I have a couple =)

    I have a collaborative DA account with my dude who's really supportive of me as an MMJ patient: StripeAndScale, I color, he draws, it just started.

    I have mine which is in the works since 08: AeraCrescent

    And I have my fetish/pinup/alternative modeling one I just started to put some of my tamer pics in (depends on what you define tame by) DragonErotic

    Feel free to watch me, dude. The fractals are on AeraCrescent =)
  3. Yes, yes and MOREYES

    I need WAY more stoner buddies on dA!!!!

    Mine is DoTheLimbo, I encourage everyone to say hey and stuff so we can all keep connected <3 I love you blades! I'll watch whoever watches me. :3

  4. friended/watched you both
  5. I don't have a DA collab yet but I would love to see some of your guys work.
  6. Add me i''m Tang526
  7. TadAster you are the shit dude.:hello:
    Do you have any projects that you're currently working on?

  8. lol thank you so very much you rally dont understand how much that mean to me; YES i have a tshirt line as well as a full plate of commissions to tackle...why did you want to collab or do an art trade?? cause im game if you are!
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    Unfortunately my skill in drawing is so mediocre you'd laugh your ass off :eek:
    I really want to learn though so that's why I even dare to try.

    But you might be seeing some purchases from me in the future:smoke:
  10. im surprised there aren't more people with DA accounts on GC..

  11. me too!!! my friend asked me to post his deviant name while he's waiting for GC to clear him...PLZ check out his work its amazing!!

    GideonAppleseed on deviantART

  12. Kind of weird, huh? is having some special easter bunny pix that I want to release but finances are hard and I don't want to keep releasing free modeling material, so for every 3-5 points, 1 out of the 11 photos will be released...

    I don't want to exactly advertise up in here, but anyone who would like to support my endeavors, that's one way you could do it. =)

    That being said, giving me a +watch on that account specifically is encouraging for me to continue my erotic/fetish modeling endeavors/work.

    While watching/donating points to AeraCrescent prompts me to continue to push out more amazing fractals.

    I'm kind of tired of doing all of my work for free, and I feel like I've been disrespected a lot lately since I started this modeling thing (and even before that) and I feel like, since my parents have been acting really lame (ignoring me, not returning calls, letting me worry about them, being jerks etc) that I don't have any real source of encouragement or anyone to 'make proud'. I know it seems silly, that one should strive to make themselves proud and one should encourage themselves, and I do that, but outside feedback, another perception, another person's words or kindness can go a long way in keeping an artist in good spirits.

    The being said..

    My partner isn't on GC but he fully supports Medical Marijuana and has taken me to my doctor's appointments, has gone with me to pick up cannabis at dispensaries: (And he's open to comissions)

    I am open to picture requests, for a small point value. (I'll model with bud! =) I'd like to actually do some tasteful pinup work with some gnja actually...)

    And please, take a gander at my Cannabis Fractal Project on AeraCrescent!
  13. I'm Rawglor on DeviantArt.

    I added all of you to my watch list.

    I only have digital stuff up (I've never really tried anything else, other than a little drawing). I try to make trippy, colorful art.

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