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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Deviaant, Sep 3, 2019.

  1. So Im trying to grow my own quality medicine. I'm no pro, but I'm having a great time teaching myself about growing.

    So far my equipment list is as follows.

    4'x4'x7.5' Monolith Grow Tent
    Kind LED K5 1000w grow light
    I'm using a Sun Blaster light for germination.
    Pro Mix HP soil
    Full line of Remo nutes
    Carbon filter and 6" fan.

    I think that's most of the important stuff, if you want to know anything else just ask.

    So far I have germinated 4 Chemdog seeds. For this I've just used jiffy pucks. All but 1 has germinated just fine. The last sees has sprouted but it looks upside down. I'll take pics of everything when I get home from work.

    So far I'm about 7 days in, the girls are still in the Jiffy puck, I'll leave them till the weekend and then transplant into a medium sized pot, and start the nutes.

    I'll do my best to update this thread with pictures tonight and moving forward if there is any interest in following along with my derpy journey.

    If anyone has any questions or comments fire away.

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  2. Good choice on the strain great for mood and pain.
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  3. First pic is my set up, second is my girls.

    Third is well I don't know, seems to not want to grow past this point. Been like this for 2 days now. Anybody have any ideas[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  4. Looks awesome man good luck on the grow!
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  5. Thanks, I'm I am super excited to see what I can do with these plants.

    I'm hoping that struggler catches up. I'm thinking of popping another seed in case that guy does not want to grow. Not too sure what I'll do with it yet.
  6. Always pop more than you plan to grow, somethings always bound to go wrong at some stage of the grow, give it some time, it should be fine.
  7. I just got focused on the cost of the seed.

    Yeah it's dumb, I should have popped 5 or 6, I want to finish off with 4 plants.

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  8. Seed are cheap aren't they? Like 10-20 a piece aren't they? I've never bought any.
  9. Nah $10-$12/each (Calgary, Alberta)

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  10. I got the xl 750 it’s dope.
  11. That's not bad at all! Have you tried any seeds from the government websites? I hear they really suck, I've had friends get some terrible genetics, and quite a few dead seeds.
  12. Yeah I'm excited to see what this light can do.
  13. That optic 8 plus is what I been lookin at next
  14. I’m excited to see what You can do with this jont
  15. I got these(Uncle Buds Garden) Chemdog seeds from a grow center. I figure I'd rather "buy local" and feel like I'm getting good solid genetics than taking a risk with getting God knows what with the government.
  16. Yeah I'm sure I'll eff it up somehow, it's my first grow. Even if I end up with alright bud on my first try I'm ok with that, so long as I learn from my mistakes along the way.
  17. Ph humidity and temp are gonna be ur biggest “controls” don’t be afraid to top and lst the ish out of ur first plants to... ive yet to ever let one grow natural.
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  18. Get a lil fan like the small one u got. But have it aimed at the stalks starting now, it makes a world of difference. And I’d take the long stemmed seedlings and place them in a solo cup with enough dirt in the bottom to have the plant about an inch out of the top of the cup and cover the rest of the stalk with dirt, that initial stretching ain’t doing u any good. I’d run that light on like A0-B20-C20 and increase it daily until they don’t stretch anymore or raise them closer so u don’t have to crank up the power.
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  19. Yeah I have invested in a pH and ppm meters. I am going to try SCROG and topping all that good stuff. What can go wrong right lol.
  20. Is it a good ph meter or a soil probe one

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