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  1. Hey folks, i have been looking around on the interwebs. it seems there is nobody who can show me a pictureshow from start to finish of bud production. anybody have a nice site they would like to share. i am trying to determine when my girls start to pack on the "weight", i think its been around 2-3 weeks i already have white pistils wich like one in every 15 is turning slightly brown some of the flowers are developing some tricomes. i just really wanna see pictures from start to finish to compare to. Help me:eek:
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    My plants started flowering 3 weeks ago. You can see the buds forming but they're not heavy or big..i think its when the resin starts being produced, but i could be wrong. No tricomes for me yet :/ Id say maybe weeks 6-8 assuming you're flowering for 8-12 weeks!

  3. i know the development is like 8 weeks for the strain. but what i am wondering is when they stop stretching and start to thicken the buds. i would just like to see a pictureshow of the same main cola a pic taken every week or something similar. i mean SOMBODY has to have done that considering 5% of the world are stoners :D
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    yah i know what you are saying that would be a great thing granted it has a good yeild so you have something solid to go and look back on as your grow progresses

    i have some that are 3 weeks along and they are starting to develope little flowers mabe 1/4 inch all white hairs sticking out
  5. my tricomes are like tiny tiny hairs ongly on the most mature ones but i can see and smell they are there

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