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  1. Over the passed months I've been depressed, it getting worse and worse, then finally letting up a little bit and suddenly I feel like I'm going mad. My mind doesn't feel straight at all. For the past couple weeks I've been sure that I knew how the Universe was created, but now I realized that I am stupid and creating it up in my mind. This made me want to look up schizophrenia. The symptoms almost match me perfectly. Social withdrawl, I haven't really talked to anybody for a few days, and im in highschool. The hostillity or suspiciousness doesnt really go with me. My hygiene has been getting more and more bad. I don't even care if people can tell by looking at me that i didnt take a shower that day. I always find my self just staring off in a really bored/sad looking expression that people somtimes ask me about if somethings wrong. This morning was the first time I cried in a couple weeks. I used to cry about everyday from depression. And this morning it happened in the shower, I just needed to let it out. And I sad there crying my eyes out in the shower. Yes i have depression. Ive got completely fucked up sleep issues. I foroget everything, my minds so blurry I can never learn or listen or seem intelligent. I say weird stuff sometimes, and nobody really understands. At school I cant concentrate on ANYTHING, I'm so fucked. When people get mad or say somthing that makes me feel like ive done somthing wrong, it usually makes me feel horrible inside. I feel like I can hardly communicate with people anymore, even through texting. Fuck my life.... I don't want to be a schizo,
    Does anyone think I could just be hardcore depressed or that im actually getting schizophrenia? I don't want to be fucked up for the rest of my life. Im getting really concerned that I'm going to never feel normal again. I hate life now

    • Social withdrawal
    • Hostility or suspiciousness
    • Deterioration of personal hygiene
    • Flat, expressionless gaze
    • Inability to cry or express joy
    • Inappropriate laughter or crying

    • Depression
    • Oversleeping or insomnia
    • Odd or irrational statements
    • Forgetful; unable to concentrate
    • Extreme reaction to criticism
    • Strange use of words or way of speaking

  2. Its your life if you want to be depressed you will be. If don't want to be you won't, take control man.
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  3. Have you spoken with your physician concerning your symptoms? There are many treatable diseases which have depression/apathy etc. as a symptom (viral hepatitis, Cushing's disease, epilepsy, Lupus, thyroid disorders, adrenal tumor...quite a long list...). You may wish to insist on a complete physical, not just a pat on the head and some psych. drugs.
  4. DUDE, as somebody who's "struggled" with mental illness as well I can help you. There is help. But here's the biggest rule:
    Never trust your psychiatrist

    No matter what your parents or anyone else on Gcity says, psychiatrists do more harm than good. They give you pills that mess up your brain. Most of the times people DEVELOP even worse mental illnesses from the drugs they're put on, and have to "graduate" to stronger drugs to now cope with their new symptoms.

    There IS a cure and it's more simple than most would want to believe: All-natural Raw Food diet. Basically, a diet made up of MOSTLY fresh fruits/vegetables/nuts.
    I can show you some studies or evidence for this if you want, or you can PM me and we can discuss.

    I'll share with you MY problem. I have an odd combination of Schizoid and Avoidant personality disorders. For a few weeks I'll usually eat ALL fresh foods, no gluten or soy etc. and most, if not all of my symptoms simply vanish. I literally feel like a new person. But, it does get old after a while so I'll stop paying attention to what I eat and the symptoms come RIGHT back without warning. I'm still struggling with eating all Raw, but trying it out will help.

    Most psychitrists never ask ONCE what your diet's like, so for them pills are the answer. Save yourself and your money and your brain. I'm actually very glad that there's others on GC with mental illness. OOOh, I'm gonna start a mental illness thread...

    good luck
  5. Well, it sounds to me, you're looking for something to be wrong with you. IMO, of course, I think you should stop looking up signs and symptoms of mental disorders. Yeah, you thought you knew how the universe was created, but that doesn't mean you're schizo. I used to be sure I was God, but now I'm sure everyone is :D lmao..

    Anyway. Before you go looking up all these disorders you should evaluate your life and see where you want to go with this.

    Obviously, you're not insane enough to not be able to type this up. You seem smart enough to find information you're looking for. So instead of telling people how you do these things, maybe you could make it a personal point to start fixing the areas in your life you feel you're lacking in.

    You say you have bad hygiene, well make it a point to work on your health. This means; grooming, eating right, sleeping right (sleep schedule), exercising.. etc.. etc...

    When you feel like crying, then cry. It's good. It's healthy. Get it out of you, brotha.

    Sounds to me you just have pretty bad depression. Changing the way you approach the world will help this!! Also, some people have to be put on antidepressants. It's just how their brains are. Like me, I take one every morning. but that doesn't mean I let the pill do everything.. YOU have to be the one to stand up to this.
  6. i am not a doctor......
    i cannot tell you want your problem is....but
    but i can tell you i had all the same problems....

    and in the end.....after being told i was schizo....and many other things....

    it turns out that my problem was a bit different.....

    Complex Partial Seizures Present Diagnostic Challenge - Psychiatric Times

    TLE also may be responsible for chronic rather than just acute psychoses. While any of the symptoms of schizophrenia may be encountered, paranoid traits are the most common. TLE patients can be distinguished from schizophrenic patients by the maintenance, when not acutely ill, of warm affect and good rapport. In addition to the history, the diagnosis of complex partial seizure disorder can be aided by EEG. However, since such diagnosis remains a clinical one, it should be noted that several negative EEGs do not rule out the diagnosis of TLE in a given patient.

    The treatment of TLE is complicated by the fact that many times improved seizure control via anticonvulsants leads to deterioration of the neuropsychiatric status. Schizophrenia-like epileptic psychoses often emerge when anticonvulsants are normalizing or improving the seizure activity. If this antithesis isn't recognized, the psychosis will soon become more of a problem than the seizures. One expert, Dietrich Blumer, M.D., has gone so far as to claim: "It is probable that the modern schizophrenia-like epileptic psychoses are largely iatrogenic in nature, caused by modern ability to control seizures." \t\t \t\t\t\t__________________ \t\t
    these are not what most people think of when they see seizure......
    they involve hallucinations and black outs....
  7. I was told I have some form of mania that could easily turn into full blown schizophrenia, I said fuck you and continued on with my life, mind you I might have a rather unique personality, but I am just dandy and happy and would imagine that I am seen as quite normal.
  8. Damn. a year ago i matched every single one of these traits. Kinda wish i didnt read this post now.
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    i totally feel you on this man, but (i presume that) typically schizoids experience things like social withdrawal as a result of paranoid delusions, hostility as a result of the social withdrawal, deterioration of hygiene stemming from anxiety over hallucinations/delusions and for the most part they don't ever realize or even question that there's anything wrong. they believe the problem lies in other people, so it's a good sign that you're brains "troubleshooting" mechanism is still intact. that's the first thing schizophrenia attacks, which is why people with the disease can't discern their hallucinations from reality. they feel as if nothing is amiss so they just assume everything they say/hear/think is 100% real. it's almost like snapping into a bad acid trip or something and not knowing it's an acid trip. it sound's like you're over-analyzing the situation, as even the most average and normal of individuals experience some symptoms of schizophrenia in their life at one point or another. if that's the case, it would seem anxiety is the culprit here, however i'm no doctor, but i do have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and i'm going through exactly what you're going through right now. flat, expressionless gaze could be from your brain being overworked, it's called Depersonalization or De-realization. basically it just feels like you're on benadryl. it's definitely no fun, and it wouldn't hurt to get yourself in to see a psychiatrist for an immediate evaluation, as these could be symptoms of clinical depression, anixety/panic disorder, PTSD, anything really. and it could be schizophrenia, you never know until you consult a professional. it's never a bad thing to seek help where help is needed =]

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