Developing a strain, can someone help?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by DevilRed, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. Okay I have a few questions, maybe someone can help. Mostly genetic stuff.

    I have been growing white widow clones all winter (few crops)
    I just started a Blue Misty seed.
    If the Blue Misty is a female, great, i will clone her and harvest her and some clones while keeping a mum.

    But if the Blue Misty is a male i plan to pollinate a white widow lady with it.

    Now my question

    Lets say I pollinate a female ww with the bm....and get some seeds.

    I grow some of those seeds, and pollinate one of the lady seeds again with the bm pollen...........and get some seeds.

    My question is.......these seeds should have in theory 2/3 Blue Misty characteristics and 1/3 white widow........right?

    All I have ever grown is white widow
    Now I am growing some blue misty and some bubblegum

    I want to stick to these three strains and one variation of them, im thinking the ww and bm. ........"Blue Widow" or "White Misty"
  2. 3/4 BM, 1/4 WW
  3. ok lets back up a bit

    first of all...why are u trying to breed?

    right now u have 2 stable quality strains of weed.

    the reason most people breed is to either found out what will happen if they cross x with y, 'hey man lets just cross these two kick ass MJ and see what happens'

    or they are trying to select for a certain charictoristic outside of their existing strain.

    ie...lets say u like bluemystic (bm) alot...but u want a whiter color and thinner leaf quality to it that ww has. ur base is bm and u add bm pollin to a female ww that u find represents the type of genetic inflow u want...whambamthankumaam u got a set of seeds...if those seeds are fertile (which happens that they might not be) u then have to grow all those seeds out to find the few plants that u feel represents what u were looking for, maybe 5% if ur lucky. u then use ur original seed stock of BM and new seed stock to stabized those new genes while also keeping those new genes dominate, if u are able to even do that cuz sometimes u cant.

    remember, u have a couple of sets of seeds that are highly polyploided and horti'ed to the n'th degree and u develop even more n'th degree of inflow. thats alot for genes to handle. but its so much fun.

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