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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by InferiorWang, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. I developed some film and got a picture cd so I thought I'd post some pics. This is my glass pipe, RIP, and some nugz I had.

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  2. here is my dugout with little weed

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  3. here is my 32 oz powerade bong from when I was at school. The lid has a pen tube coming out of it so I had something to suck on instead of just the big hole on the top. I kept ice in it and left it in my fridge whenever it wasn't in use. Most of the time it was in the fridge it was already packed and waiting for me.

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  4. Oh ya, it had a foil bowl, too. I know foil is bad, but it was a great bong.
  5. and this is my matrix reloaded powerade bong. it has a socket for the bowl. it doesn't hold a hole lot of weed, so I've made a little removable screen so I can empty the ash out and repack it easily. My friends have to hit it twice to cash. It only gives me 2/3's of a hit before it's gone. You can fill it pretty full of water if you want because I sealed the hole with silicone. It kinda got crushed by my speaker box in my trunk since I took that picture. I need to find something better to use for a bowl. When I go back to school, the head shop sells downstems and slides so I may get something like that and build a new one with a real bowl.

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  6. This is half a blunt I rolled. It was my first attempt with a blunt wrap instead of an actual cigar. It was blueberry and tasted great, but burned too fast. There is also a little j on the dollar. It isn't the prettiest thing in the world, but it smoked well and that's what matters.

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  7. So did i LOL Very Nice Budz!!! ;)
  8. Dude thats not cool, lol jk

  9. don't you guys love waterfall bongs? I know it's a small one, but it gets the job done real well. Now I have upgraded to filtered waterfalls.

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  10. and here's my can collection from second semester at school. If you look closely you can see the hidden message. There are over 200 cans there (3 tall x 4 deep x 17 wide) and that's just what I saved from what I drank second semester. I had a slight caffeine addiction. It took 3 trash bags to get rid of all those. If there had been one of those cash for cans things anywhere near school I would have made some money.

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  11. Whats a filtered waterfall bong?

  12. It says "David", don't it?

  13. Oh yeah, thats kool dude, i didn't notice nothing till Thehempress pointed it out, *Good Looking Girl* :D
  14. damn it!
    i just spent like 10 min trying to figure out that hidden message and all i had to do was scroll down!! :)
  15. lol Yes it does say David. I had all those cans on my desk, but was running out of room to do anything. Then I started packing up my crap to go home so I moved all the cans to the shelf. Then I decided to make it say something. I entertained myself for 20 minutes by making it spell David.

    And a filtered waterfall bong has a downstem that goes all the way to the bottom of the bottle. As it draws the air down and then comes back up through the water like it would in a regular bong. Most people don't filter on their gravity style bongs.
  16. i was wondering wat the hell dayid meant... its a V not a Y.
  17. Dude you drink alot of soft drinks, thats jsut fucking loads to have around.
  18. yo sick pics man :)..nice pipe, nice DAVID thingy with the cans..and all the other shit was hot too, peace :)
  19. hey man just a warning i heard a story recently (mighta been on jay leno) bout a guy who developed pics of his grow and got reported by the photo clerk person. just be careful though i doubt they care about someone's personal stash. ur photos are always handled by real people even though machines do the developing
  20. i luv that spoon u got... its beautiful

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