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Developed Eating Disorder From Smoking?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Russian Badger, Jun 8, 2013.

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    Hey blades! I have a pretty urgent question to know if i need to seek medical attention. I have been smoking almost everyday about .7 each day for about 4 months. And I was high whenever i could be, and that was a lot... lol. But I was only eating when I was high, and I have no appetite for anything when im not high and its never been like that before... Ive been on a t-break for 1 week no and haven't eaten for 2 days. Can someone please help me????

  2. Same thing happens to me when I'm sober. Eating makes me feel sick.
    All you can do it wait it out, and try to force some food down. It'll go away eventually.
  3. You should eat despite your lack of hunger, as much as I doubt you haven't eaten in 3 days, If that's true you should really eat something high in sugar soon lol, so yer just eat even though your not hungry.... 
  4. oddly enough when im high im NEVER hungry
  5. its been 2 but i think its conflicting with my medicine
  6. Eat breakfast and dont have 1500 calorie munch outs.
    Same here, I never go on eating binges when I'm high. If I do eat it will just be a little snack.
  8. No you don't have an eating disorder, this happens to most daily tokers. Once your body can stop reminding you to eat, because the weed will, it takes a while to get it back on track. Took a 3 week t-break and it took about a week to get any of my appetite back. It'll go away.
  9. This same thing happened to me and I dropped 20 pounds I gained in college.. it was kinda scary how quickly I lost it but I came to the conclusion that I ate only when I smoked so when I was sober my mind wouldnt tell me if I was hungry! After that I took it easy and tried to eat 3 meals a day even though I wasnt hungry or anything! Try hitting up the gym or getting some sort of workout as well!

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  10. Start small and build your way back up. Eat a light meal, eat a 2nd light meal, work your way up to 3 a day. After that, increase the amount of food in your meal.

    Start with lets say... a sandwich. That should be easily digested and not make you feel too bad.

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