Developed awasome trait in my latest strain

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  1. Hey,
    This strain is a cross between stuporsonic X salmon river quiver ( skunk breed we grew from 1980-82 on the Salmon river in Idaho). WE are gonna call it stupor quiver. DUH! Propagated from seed in Rapid Rooters, at 1 wk from germination it was 3 inches tall and transplanted into 4" pot. Took 1 wk and it was ready to transplant into 1 gal pot. With one week of veg growth they are about 9" tall and are already in full blown preflower. Not just a hair peekin out but a nice fat calyx on each side with two nice big hairs stickin out. THESE ARE NOT CLONES. Check out the pics. I have never seen any weed show sex so early. all the plants are showing the same preflower. This will mean no more long wait for seedlings to show sex.:hello: I will send more pics as they progress.


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  2. awesome!!!! send me some i hate waiting! haha. good luck and keep it up.
  3. That Looks Like either a Wild Lowryder Type Strain, or Pure Ruderalis.

  4. First, welcome to GC.

    Second, what are you talking about? It looks like every other MJ plant I've grown. It could have some Ruderalis in it, but there's nothing in the picture to indicate that it is, and I doubt there's any ruderalis in it because neither parent appears to have any ruderalis in it (stupersonic is a sativa, and skunk is an indica/sativa mix).

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