Deux Ex Human Revolution this month

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  1. Should I get this?
  2. You'd be missing out if you don't in my opinion.

    Ask yourself if you like mass-effect? Do you appreciate the cyber-punk genre, or at least the idea of it?

    If the answers are yes to either of these is yes, then definatly. Otherwise, seriously consider it, as it is an engrossing game...
  3. Definitely but if you are not biting at the chomp to get it i would wait for the price to drop. its not like youre missing out on anything by waiting.

  4. Yeah, will probably wait till Steam has it on offer.
  5. Yea I just got to the medical facility, seems like I played through it in a flash considering I had only gotten it 2 days ago. I decided I'm probably gonna slow down now. I'm not sure how many hours but at the bottom of the load screens when it shows you events as you progressed the 1-10 thing with the locks I'm currently on the 9th page of the 1-10 this scares me because it seems I just started playing and when i finally get to the 10'th page thing the game will be over :( And leave me sadly dissapointed as I was when I finnished the last fighting sequence of Fallout 3 before I convinced the Enclave commander not to do his bullshit. Then Game over?... Ya'll know what I'm talking about?
  6. I never asked for this

  7. Gotta remember there are multiple paths and ways to play the game, you can blow through the main missions and play one way but remember, you have 4 endings to this game. And all the side quest add a lot of time.

  8. I did all the side quests in both Hengsha and Detroit. I just did them in no time at all.
  9. I just got this game. Does it bother anyone else that all the charters move way to much?
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    Pretty good game. I had to rebuy it for 360 because it runs like shit on my pc. I have an I7, 4gigs of ram, geforce 330 gt. I can run most games on high settings including portal 2, fallout new vegas, shogun total war 2. Yet for some reason this game is unplayably laggy with every setting off or low with 1024x768 resolution.

    The game itself is good. Couple of gripes though. The difference in quality between ingame and cutscenes is offputting. As is the terrible lip syncing. The horribly long load times. The boss fights are kind of annoying if you take the stealth approach the whole game. Kind of eliminates the whole 'total freedom' shtick though, if you are forced to stock up on guns and defensive augs for the boss fights. Also the AI is pretty bad, its sad that I can duck into a vent and repeatedly kill enemies because they walk by the vent one at a time. Its like damn dude I just shot 4 of your buddies when they walked by the vent, maybe you should take cover behind a couch or something.

    All complaining aside the game is awesome. So much fun taking out like 8 guys while they panic. And the choice in which you deal with enemies is entirely up to you which is awesome.
  11. I think i'm the only person who didn't mind boss fights. Because I was playing stealth I had a shitload of mines so they were easy. I get what you mean about it being annoying for some though.
  12. china kicks ass, holy shit that place is so cool when you're high

    game is really fun, inventory system kinda sucks though

  13. Its not that I didnt enjoy them. I just felt restricted in the ways I could approach the bosses. Which is kind of counter productive to the goal of the rest of the game, which is total freedom of choice in regards to how you handle situations.

    Instead of just cramming you and the boss in a small room and have you duke it out that way, why not have it in some corridors so I at least have the chance to get hidden long enough to launch a proper offensive. I dont know to me the boss fights just seem like the developers felt they should tack them on in order to avoid monotony.

    The game is great though. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game from start to finish which is more than I can say for most games these days.
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    Yeah... There's a fine line between an awesome boss fight and a very annoying boss fight. There are just some games that shouldn't have them.

    What I hate is that they rely on things you normally wouldn't use. Like the second boss is a lot easier if you have a stun gun, the augment that makes you more accurate when you're running, or the one that makes you resistant to electricity. Except for that one fight though, all of those things seem pretty damn useless for the rest of the game.
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    That fight was rough for me man. Wouldn't have pulled it off if it wasn't for the mines in the lockers
  16. Who exactly do you fight in these boss fights? They better not be humans with a genetic propensity to not fucking die :laughing:

  17. No, they're other augs. There are a few people in the game with that annoyig invisible immortality shield though.

  18. You have to unload so many bullets to drop the bosses. It's can be ridiculous at times. I literally had to electrocute the 2nd boss 3 times, and I unloaded over 200 bullets from my heavy assault rifle before the bitch dropped, and that was after I switched the difficulty from medium to easy, because it was downright impossible for me to kill her before I ran out of ammo on medium difficulty.
  19. [ame=]Deus Ex Unreal Revolution - YouTube[/ame]
  20. I don't like how you have to be standing on top of an object to pick it up.
    I don't like trying to be stealthy in first person, let alone the joke of a cover system.
    For some reason I just don't like controlling the character with the keyboard, it's clunky.

    Any way to fix these?

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