Deux Ex Human Revolution this month

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  1. Def good for a shooter... these days COD and other trash are like 5 hours most of the time. I don't understand why those games are so popular... eh whatever.

    35 hours is close to Mass Effect.

  2. I beat Mass Effect, completed everything in the game, in around 24 hours.
  3. Really? Everything in the game? I clocked around 50 to complete everything though I did backtrack a couple times (I replayed Virmire like 4 times before figuring out that you had to lose one of the humans lol).

    But when I say everything I mean literally EVERYTHING. What difficulty were you on? I turned mine all the way up.

  4. They already have a leak demo. You can download it through ******
  5. Damn warez scenegroups... the 360 and PS3 versions leaked a couple days ago, and the PC version has leaked today.
  6. Well, i'll choose to wait until the date of release. Never been one for downloading games, takes too long in my opinion.
  7. So how is this game? I've thought about buying this on Steam but I'm not too sure yet.
  8. I think Agalloch is too engrossed in the game to update us with opinions.

    Me, I love it, they kept faithfully to the original idea, but updated the graphics. Story is pretty damn good for a modern videogame. Just trying to understand the French but am succeeding for the most part :eek:, damned Square Enix and not having multilanguage.

    Ripten gave it 9.5, and I usually like their ratings, possible GOTY contender at least for RPGs ; but there will be stiff competion this winter from the FPSs, what with Gears III, Battlefield and Rage, oh and not to forget the usual COD that'll undoubtebly win with sales...
  9. It's a good game. Not better than Mass effect 2 but still fun to play

    I returned it though because I couldnt deal with the horrific voice acting and 5 minute load times.

    The guy who voiced jenson watched way to many tapes of christian bales batman.
  10. Game of the decade, easily. Best game out for a very long time. It's no deus ex though.
  11. Damn the voice acting seems horrid. I just played The Witcher 2 pretty much every day the last week or so, idk if I can transitional to this.
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    This i by far the best game to come out since Mass effect 2.

    Not sure what everybody is on about in regards to the voice acting, its what it was in all the trailers, and gameplay videos. Not terrible by any means at all. In fact its of very high quality, just because your opinion that the voice acting does not match the character does not mean this to be true. Not sure really, Jensen sounds batmanish and thats not bad.

    Like I said, easily game of the year material until BF3 hits, this will most likely be the singleplayer game of the year however.

    Oh and 5 minute loading times? What is this.. on your console? lol!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I really had to this time. Shit loads fast on pc.
  13. yeah it loads slow as fuck on the xbox. it's unplayable because of that.

    the voice acting though really is terrible. this game deserves better voice acting and motion capture.

    this is good voice acting.

    [ame=]Enslaved : gameplay Chapter 7 " Finding Trip " CUTSCENE HD - YouTube[/ame]

    I like the game a lot. it's a perfect blend of metal gear and mass effect. The slow loads on the console and the voice acting just take me right out of the game. Ill have to get it on PC next time there is a good deal on it.
  14. Again i dont see any problems with the voice acting. But yea the slow loads must suck :( I have an SSD now and that kinda probly helps a shit ton.
  15. This game for some reason reminds me of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Geewillickers....I fucking loved that game especially when I'm high! :smoke:
  16. Yes it really is great.. though i may have problems..i keep killing people and putting them in retarded ass poses..the freedom in this game is fun, i'm hardly into the game and already have like 11 saves.
  17. Install the disc to your xbox, fastest console loading times then. Jensen's voice was a bit overdone but other than that I didn't mind. After playing star ocean all voice acting seems good to me.
  18. Haven't got my copy yet, can't wait.

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