Deux Ex Human Revolution this month

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  1. I'm so fucking stoked...
    [ame=]Deus Ex: Human Revolution "They Can't Stop The Future" - Director's Cut - YouTube[/ame]
  2. The best trailer is the live action. That was brutal and sickening.
  3. Well, that was more of a short film than a game trailer IMO.
  4. Very Excited for this game.

    Honestly never played Dues EX before so this'll be quite a ride.
  5. I've never played this either, but im so unsure about buying. I have the money to pre order, hmmmmmmm.
  6. Can't wait for this now, i've been trying not to get my hopes up after invisible war but it looks like the deus ex i remember and love. So long as I can still sneak around and hack everything to do my work for me i'll be happy.

    I think anyone who isn't familiar with the series and is expecting to run through shooting everything would be better off buying a different game.
  7. August 23rd cant come any faster.

    haven't been this excited for a game since kingdom hearts 1 on playstation 2 lls.
  8. Never played the original unfortunately... was like 8 or something when it came out didn't know anything about it, but this looks sweet. Got good reviews so far too.
  9. It does look amazing. I just hope they improve the hacking and make it similar to enter the matrix's extensive command line interface rather than pressing a button or having to beat the computer at connect four or something fucking retarded like that from mass effect.
  10. Been waiting for this for a long time...loved the first one.

    Hopefully I won't be too let down.
  11. I broke down and tried the leaked version... very nice! If anything I'm so much more excited for the final product!
  12. How were the options with the skills/tech tree? Similar in scope to the original or idiot proofed?

  13. Well, I can't compare them since I never played the original.

    There are different augs for different things depending on your play style.

    Improving aim, reducing recoil, punching through walls (which is contextual), increasing energy, stealth, hacking, social... all very deep and the trees branch out when you click the augs.
  14. I am resisting playing more of the leak because I don't want to replay 10-15 hours of it when it comes out lol...

    For a preview build, it's very stable, very fun. One thing I wasn't fond of, is the opening is on rails. It's not really a big deal at all, but I was like man I want to walk over there...

  15. llliiieeesss!!!!
  16. 9 more days...
  17. Do we have any info as to the length of the campaign?
  18. With exploration around 35 hours. From one of the developer interviews.

  19. What he said. Antoine Thisdale said on IGN that with almost everything completed, around 35 hours.

    That is massive for ANY game, especially a FPS.
  20. Have they said whether they'll be releasing a demo?

    My computer's not exactly hot stuff wanna make sure it can handle it.

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