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  1. Well, I'm headin' off to Detroit untill Sunday to watch the Redwings. Just wanted to let you all know where I'd be off to... I don't think I'll try to pick up any bud down there because well.. I'm white. Not to be racist, but I don't want to get shot, haha. It's my first time down to detroit, so yeah. But peace out GC, I'll see ya Sunday! I'm going to have a big "GRASSCITY.COM..WHERE THE GRASS IS GREENER!" sign in the crowd for the redwings game... so watch for it ;)

  2. Very wise decision not to try to buy bud. Being white in Detroit without connections really sucks, but yeah your best bet would be to wait till you're home. Have a nice trip.

    PS I hope Red Wings kick ass :D
  3. Shit, Being white in Detroit with no connections means nothing.

    Head down to 8 block in Ecorse. If you even slow down you'll have about 10 people running up to your car trying to sell you bag's.

    Or you'll see people jus standing with chip bags. Approach these guys, They throw bags in and mix them up with chips and police come jus drop the whole chip bag.
  4. Thats a good idea actually. Keeping sacks in chip bags.

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