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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Dank_Head, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. anyone know about mmj in the detroit area?

    im from the area and it would be cool if they allowed that shit

    ...just wondering
  2. lol Im from MI there are no Medical Marijuana laws there.
  3. its on the way for us :D
  4. Yeah, soon enough, all thought I don't plan on staying in MI. Where in MI ya'll from? I'm up in the U.P.

  5. Rochester Hills, MI.. (Detroit Suburb)

    What kinda bud you got goin up there..

    I gots them namestrains from both Canada and local growers round here
  6. im just like 15 mins south of detroit

    and right now i've been gettin Sensi Star, Blueberry, and Strawberry Caugh

  7. im bout to head 40-50 minutes south haha... i have to work for my dank since i dont live in detroit anymore, iv never been able to get my hands on sensi star or strawberry cough and i wanted to try both of those so bad.

    I'm suprised how many of you are very close to me. Im just north of detroit.
  8. used to live in lansing now im in LA.

    u really gettin strawberry cough out there in the dirty mitten????

    and y'all REALLY bout to get MMJ????

  9. Dank is all over, but by far the majority of people around here are getting regs, you just gotta keep askin and askin... took me awhile to find solid contacts
  10. u need dank check out East Lansing them hippies ALWAYS got it on lock. what was it bailey street?? talk to my boy Peezy lol
  11. i just got rid of the last of my sensi star. im gettin some blueberry in a week and some maple leaf in about 2-3 weeks ill get some pics up

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