Detroit Tokin

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by big hit hirt, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. sup all you tokers out in Detroit :bongin:
  2. Bump for the 734 & 313 ??
  3. Im looking to pickup in Detroit. Any ideas?
    Cheers from CANADA
  4. dispensary or a dope street, those are about your options if u don't know people

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  5. I believe that i would need a card in order to buy from dispensaries, which I do not have. What do you mean by a dope street? Ill be there for the eminem concert in august. and i was wondering if it is difficult to find. And yes its my first time in Detroit. 
    Btw thanks for the reply
  6. have u ever been to detroit? You can just drive thru most neighbor hoods and buy any drugs you could need, you may get robbed or killed or possibly arrested, I guess you'll have to weigh your options, and yes you do need a card, this is why I have one, going to the ghetto to cop pot isn't all that enjoyable and I live within a mile

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  7. Healing leaf, dunno if still open, on 7 mile once had a dude selling watermelons infront of the store. From a fucking pallet! Only in detroit. Also I've raced detroit cops before, fun times. It's all about knowing the growers or having a med card around here.
  8. Thanks for the help,
    Im wondering if its hard to get a card. I don't want to run into trouble. If you ever in Toronto feel free to ask questions, I know everything you need.
    If you have any other tips they will help,
  9. takes atleast a month to get one, plus a medical condition

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  10. Thanks,
    I need to figure this out. My younger brother suffers from anxiety and he will need to medicate. I hope you don't mind all the questions.
    Thanks again,

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