Detroit Pistons!

Discussion in 'General' started by EuropeanVW, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. 2004 NBA Champions!

    Show Detroit some love...
  3. hell yes, anybody that beats down on the lakers that badly needs to be showed respect!!!!!!!

    On a side note, I lost 5 bucks in poker because i was distracted by the game, so I'm not completely happy :D
  4. I live in Michigan so i am a huge pistons fan but i was wondering if anybody else that posted lives in Michigan cuz i need more smoking buddies lol im high as hell right now but im alone so it aint as fun
  5. Detroit kicks ass!! it would be the best city in the US if it wasnt so cold!! And yes i Live in Michigan to whoever asked!
  6. Congrats piston fans. I'm glad they win, although I live near LA i'm still glad they one, they're the underdogs. I only feel bad for malone and paton, they took huge paycuts to play for the lakers so they could get a champ ring.
  7. Shit how could i have missed this post!!!! Hell yes im from detroit, and hell yes i love the pistons...and ya gotta give all the love ya can to ben wallace!!!! What part of michigan are you from toker?
  8. first off, the timberwolves whoulda beat the lakers, but that being said GO PISTONS for beatin the shit outta Gary Payton (whiny bitch) and Karl Malone (who is a bully).


  9. I kind of felt bad for Karl Malone and Gary Payton for not getting their rings, but for real, it would have kinda sucked for them to be able to say that the only NBA Championship they ever got, was got by Kobe and Shaq, not them.

    Oh shit, the draft is tonight too. And I got to miss it because of community service. DAaaaaaaaaaaaamnit.

  10. I live in Ann Arbor bob lol and yeah ben wallace is a beast
  11. I was happy as hell they didn't get their rings, first off, its not like they don't get enough money to life very very nicely off of even with a hugh fucking paycut. Second, they shouldn't have changed teams just to get a ring, show pride for your team jesus...
  12. ^^^

    This is true.
  13. They're bastards, those two.
  14. Your pretty close to where i live......

  15. oh... how close how old are you

  16. I do hope your kidding but in case your not i would think you would know we are talking bout basketball lol im not trying to be mean but who doesnt know wat NBA stands for or wat sport the Detroit pistons play lol you need to cut back on the chronic if ya dont know wat the NBA is lol again not trying to be mean but damn

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