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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TenaciousH, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. So I might have a test on thursday I might need to pass.... and I might have smoked last night.

    Word is, vitamin B12 and niacin both help clean out the system and I have a bottle of Ready Clean as some extra assurance. I've been taking One-A-Day vitamins and Super B-Complex for a few weeks now, and I realized that those 5-Hour energy shots have like 8333% daily intake of B12, so I drank one of those today before community service where I worked my ass off for four hours.

    I'm tripping out about the test now since its coming up and I want to be sure, so I've been popping extra B-Complex and drinking a ridiculous amount of water, but then I thought about how much damn B12 and Niacin and all I'm taking in. Heres a list of what I've taken today, for example:

    1x One a Day (80% niacin, 300% B12)
    4x B Complex (500% Niacin, 2000% B12)
    one of those energy shots (8333% B12, and god knows what else)

    Should I be worried about all of this shit? Think it will work? Any AAdvice? Thanks a lot everyone. I cant wait to smoke a J to the end of all this shit.
  2. not sure where you heard this vitamin B thing, probably got it confused with making your piss yellow, people who drink water non stop to dilute their urine take vitamin B to add color to their piss making it look legit, if you got a test that soon your gonna need to go buy a detox drink to chug a few hours before the test especially if you smoke more than once a week.

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