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  1. Alright, so let's start this off by saying that my experiences are true, and if you don't believe them, idgaf. This if to detox for light smokers to someone e who smokes a couple times in a week. For you heavy smokers, it'll be about two and a half weeks. But anyway, let's get on with it. I'm on probation until next year for weed related charges, so I test every Friday, but sometimes give myself until Monday to detox, because I smoke over the weekend. I smoke a couple big bowl hits and some hits off a blunt every week, but still clean all the times I piss. I'm 5'2 160. As soon as you know you have a piss test, stop smoking, or do what I do, and smoke Friday Saturday and Sunday when I piss on Monday. Next, every day leading up to your test drink 2 gallons of water, and eat normal just do regular activities. If you usually exercise. Do it. If not, like me, play BO3 zombies and get stoned. So keep pounding gallons of water, which is safe because I drank a gallon today in less than an hour and a half. Next is get a cheap detox. I get champ or high voltage. Fuck paying $40 for shit that does the same as $10.52 drink. On the day of test drink a gallon in less than two hours, which is key, when you finish wait an hour and a half, and drink the second gallon in about an hour or so. Then an hour before the test drink your detox followed by the recommended water amounts, and piss a couple times. If you aren't overweight, you're fucking golden bud. I drank that puppy and more water and pissed for my po John, and he said marvelous. And I smoked yesterday. So let's review the steps. 1, stop smoking couple days beforehand, 2, depending on how many days, buy 2 gallons for each day. So if you have 3 days, buy 6 gallons etc. 3, drink 2 gallons a day, followed by normal activities. 4, day of test, drink 2 gallons in less than 5 hours, drink detox and more water, 5, piss midstream or whatever and smile like fuck when you walk out of your test cause you passed that puppy. Dilution is key bud. Remember that.
  2. I was too for a while. But I found that key to getting smacked and passing. I just chief, drink, and piss. No certo, Jell-O, exercise, eating right. None of that dumb bs spend $8 on gallons of water and 10 on detox and you're a jewel. I do it all the time.
  3. I'm truly amazed. What kind of toxins are you talking about?
  4. Much science. Many wow. Such amaze.
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  5. Its not safe just because you did it.. thats actually pretty bad for your liver. Too much fluids is bad for you regardless of what it is. I really hope no one believe this is an informative or believable post. Whether it worked for you is one thing, whether "gallons of water and bo3" works consistently for others is another.
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  6. Doesn't matter about science. If you aren't fat and drink water you will pass if you aren't a daily smoker.
  7. Dilution works, but I make sure my piss is cleaner than the water on a NASA spaceship.
  8. Doesn't matter about science. If you aren't fat and drink water you will pass if you aren't a daily smoker.
    And I've been drinking a gallon a day for a bit, and had no effects so far. Maybe if I crushed two gallons in two hours. Idk.
  9. If it works for me every week, other should have no problem. Take a couple hits, play some Cod and relax, and drink some water
  10. lol wtf is this?
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  11. Or.... If you're on probation or parole just be smart, dont be a dumbass and become a statistic because you cant control your urges. Smh

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  12. Its unsafe to be drinking gallon after gallon.. and then youre recommending a recipe for detox, if it was that easy everyone would do it
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  13. Wasnt 5 years ago 2 people in Florida died thanks to a radio station doing a contest to see who could drink the most water in 15min. Girl and guy drank 7 gallons, she started to die on site and was dead at the hospital hours later, he lasted a full day before it killed him. Look it up, bubba the love sponge did it.

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  14. I remember hearing that, i was pretty sure she was doing it for her kids..

    Im no health expert but if im not mistaken the main reason beer is so bad for you is because of all the liquid your liver has to process (metabolize i think is the real word)

    I just dont like this whole "if it works for me itll work for you" meantality. I say a lot of stupid shit on this site but i never claim im stating facts
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  15. Yea it was really sad. She was a single mom trying to get gifts for her kids if I remember right. Been a while. I know it was between that and his stunt with a pig that got him fired from Clearwater radio

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  16. Dilution is only working for you because they are testing you with a little dip stick. If they send your diluted pee to a lab and test it, it'll come back dilute. Your method only works for those at-home tests.
  17. I got to the court and get tested with an ICup test. Of course I wouldn't use this if it was sent to a lab, but I drank one gallon in a couple hours, waited a while and drank a half gallon. Same thing. Came back negative. If it works for me a month straight and I'm not dead, it's pretty effective.
  18. I just hope no one takes what you said seriously. If you are on probation why chance it man? Bud will always be there dude. playing with fire and you could get burnt.

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