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Detox Trial and Error

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SeanDiesel, May 25, 2010.

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    I will be dedicating the next month to finding good an efficient ways of detox.
    I'm currently using a GNC brand detox and it seems to be working fine. i have a dt setup in 30 mins so ill be back with those results. OH, and i did a wake and bake this morning with a half bowl of kief.:hello:

    Hopefully my curiousness will help some of you fellow blades.:D

    *EDIT* im currently using Tri-Cleanse powder mix. *
  2. There is only one way to detox and that is time. Anything else called 'detox' just helps mask the results.
  3. True, oldskoolgrower. My experience with researching different detox drinks and similar products is that they simply mask the results of the test. Most "detox" drinks just flush your kidneys, bladder, etc (hence why they have you drink about 3 bottles of water along with the drink itself). The ingredients in the drink(s) are usually for coloring urine and making sure that the pH is correct and everything. They also convince your body to stop releasing any THC still stored in your fat cells, that way your urinary tract and stuff stay clean after the 2-3 pees you're supposed to do after taking the drink but before the test.
  4. Yes that's why 'detox drinks' are mostly carbs. With the huge influx of carbs your body is making fat, not burning it. Add in the creatine and B vitamins and all the water they make you drink and you hopefully mask the results.

    Almost all 'detox' products are just marketing gimmicks.
  5. Lemme know how it all works for you. I got off a 2 month T-break last week and smoked about an 1/8 of some dank in like 4 days. Stopped though because I just found a new job and think I might have to take a Drug Test. I have been working my ass off sweating and drinking a ton of water and taking some B vitamins to help my metabolism. by the time I take the test it will probably have been around 7-10 days since I last smoked. I'm feeling pretty positive though.
  6. UPDATE! i passed the DT. Either sheer luck or a blind shot.
  7. Using what?
  8. regulaer cleanses and working out.
    sauna time and sweating works too

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