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Detox Drinks that WORK

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by White Smoke, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know any? I need to know of a good one that reli works. For a Drug Test in a few weeks. (Feb. 12th).
  2. Anybody? *bump*
  3. Herbal Clean Master Tea...I drug tested every month for 2 yrs straight (probation lab tests) and passed every time. This is a tea that you have to brew...makes a whole gallon and you drink it over a 2 hour doesn't clean you detox drinks do...they just mask the results temporarily. So you have to take the test within 4 hours after finishing the tea. Word of cleans your poop shoot will be shitting water :wave:


    Flush THC from your body
  4. DUDE! I've taken Super Clean P twice and it's worked twice. Go to All the stuff they have there works like a charm and you can get it overnighted if you want. I took the Super Clean P drink and bought a home test kit from CVS and used that before I left my house to go to the clinic. I passed no problem. They are not maskers and they dont show up as a clenser or masking agent. They are a mixture of herbs n shit. They even have a number you can call to talk to people about their products. Oh, my friend used the Super Clean P to pass his test too. Check them out.

  5. They're all says right on the site you listed "Lasts for 5 hours"...:wave:

    After that 5 hours, the thc will be in your system again...if it doesn't clean the thc completely out of your system for good, that is a mask. What you mean, I believe, is that it doesn't show up that you used a substance to cleanse yourself...
  6. Yeah, that's what I would assume too....if the toxins come back later, then they couldnt have cleaned you out permanantly. This is what it says....

    Pass Urine Test & Urine Drug Test Analysis Solutions @ PYT

    Either way....the products cant be detected in urine tests and it works great.....good enough for me.
  7. Well I found "Quick Fix". And I'm going with that. If there watching me I can put the urine in a condom and strap that to my dong. I'll just poke a whole on the top of the condom and act like i'm pissing.

  8. Wow. Make sure the condom doesnt have any chemical agents on it....make sure the urine in it stays between 94-100 degrees. Strap it to your dong? I'm not sure that's necessary, but that's funny. Unless it's strict probation, or a law enforcement job....they will not look at your dick while you piss or even be in the same room as you I bet.
  9. Well my friend, who was in the same program said that they are in the same room as you while your piss for the tests. So i figured that strapping it do my cock would be the best bet because it looks like I'm pissing.
    Also, has anyone had a good experience with Quick Fix? I need to make sure it is full proof.
    Edit: I'm quiting for 20 days at first and passing the first drug test clean. Finding out how their drug tests work and work from there.

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