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  1. I'm getting drug tested in a week. I've been clean for a week, and don't plan on smoking in the next 7 days. I bought a detox drink (4:20 detox by Dr. Greens) and while giving me directions, the guy at the shop said to drink it the day I get tested.

    My question is: Does the drink only help me pass a drug test that day, or can I drink it now and be clean until I smoke again?

  2. Helps you within 4 hours, Atleast for maximum gold.

    Personally id drink it half hour/hour max to the time you know our gettin tested.

    I drank mine on the way to the trial and passed clean about 2 hours later.
  3. I know this is an old thread, but I'm glad I found it. I'll be using this exact stuff sometime this week. I'll post a full review of it when it's over-and-done with.

    Later guys. :smoking:
  4. Drink it around 2 hours before your test and piss as many times as you can before your test. Those detox drinks only make you piss clean for 4-6 hours, and usually take 60-90 minutes to be effective, which is why i suggested 2 hours prior to your test. Also it depends on the type of test. Some detox drinks just mask the drugs in your system, and if its a test that they send to a lab then most labs can detect masking agents. This is why you need to know how your detox drink works before you buy it.
  5. how AND WHERE do i get this drink?
  6. They sell them, here, at my local head-shop. 30 bucks a pop though.

    I was talking to the owner and he said he makes more money off of the drinks than anything else. And if he stopped selling everything (t-shirts, cds, bowls, bongs, papers, everything - really) then he wouldn't be able to tell that much on his income.

    I was once in there and a army recruiter came in and bought 40 of them.

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