Determining the Strain

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by killraven, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. I know it's next to impossible to determine the stain you're growing unless you bought seeds, but I was wondering if an experienced smoker/grower could maybe list some possible strains based on the information I have.

    The plant was a sativa dominant hybrid, the flowering time was about 10 weeks, big fan leaves like an indica but the blades on the leaves were spread out like a sativa, and they double in high while flowering instead of tripling.

    The smoke had a hop/pine flavor, almost like what you would find in a beer, with a lemon/citrus after taste. The high was a stupefying head high with a slight couch lock effect.

    So, any idea what strain I grew?
  2. it is not next to impossible, it IS impossible. There are hundreds of strains out there, and each strain can look, taste, smoke differentl, based on how it was grown.

    there is no possible way. period. sorry.
  3. Forget the strain crap and name it what you want.

    But also note it's unique personalities that stands out.
  4. yep key word IMPOSSIBLE. All i care about is if its dank .
  5. yea your only going to know if its sativa or indica
    make up a name for it.
    idk what my plant is. i named it rasta splash. sounds tasty right? you know you want some rasta splash

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