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Determining sex...

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Little Wing, May 31, 2004.

  1. can you determine sex if the first 5 sets of internodes only have 3 leaves?
  2. try the search button
  3. I had a very specific question... I could spend all day looking to see if it had been asked before. Your post really wasnt helpful.
  4. i have asked the same question, and apparantly the only way to know the sex is to provoke flowering, then look for eighter hairs or balls.

    good luck with it, i hope u have girls :)
  5. Assuming the plant is outside, you shouldn't see sex until late july early august. Sometime after the summer solstice. I had several plants show sex while they only had three bladed leaves this year, but that was because I started them way early.
  6. Some people say they can tell in the early stages of growth what the sex of a plant is but i've never been able to. I know indoor growers who force flower and find out early on but i'm not an indoor grower so i'm not up to par on that technique either. I plant outdoors and i have found that not all the males will show at the same time even if they were planted at the same time. I usually start checking at least once or twice a week in early July for male plants and continue until i know i've discarded them all. Good luck.

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