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  1. I know there is already a thread about determining the sex of the plant but I found a method that claims to be able to determine the sex before the start of flowering. Could someone check it out and tell me if it is legitimate?

    Also, I am germinating 11 seeds and if they all sprout I am going to plant them in jiffy pots. If the method actually works, would I be able to determine the sex while they were still in the the jiffy pots or would that be too early. I only have room for 8 of the plants to mature so I want to pick the females before transferring into the bigger pots.

    I am growing indoors incase that makes any difference.
  2. Hey, why not try? Cant hurt anything. If youre going to put a bag on the branch, youll do it for about a week, so it wont be too hard. I dont know about cloning in 12/12 though. If you dont mind vegging for a long time you could just clone the normal, working way and then flower as soon as roots show.
  3. Oh yeah early 12/12 works, but it still takes a little time. Cloning while flowering isn't a great idea. Not only is the clone less likely to take root, but you're stressing the plant which you do not want to do in flowering especially.
  4. Thanks guys. I think I will go with the bag way because I don't have another area with lights set up in to put the clones. What week from planting the germinated seeds should I try this? I suppose the best time would be just before I have to transfer them into the big pots.
  5. Yeah give them at least 2 or 3 weeks.
  6. Bro,

    Although this method does work (I used it years ago)...there's a better way... a way that requires a tad of planning more than just rush rush rush...but it works like a champ and will save ya headaches later on!

    Plant the seed...grow the plant in SOIL (even if using hydro).
    Let the seed veg until you can take clones.
    Take some clones and put that 'mother' in flower.
    Mother will show sex. If female, then you now have a lot more of these in clone form.
    Grow them out and you're set.

    No need to revert sex (by using bag method), shocking the plant, etc...and following the discovery of sex, you'll know 100% that the clones you have and can flower are ALL females. :)

    If the mother turns out to be male - toss em all.

    Then, you can take those clones and run them via hydro in flowering - not worrying at all about wasting nutes/electricity, since they're all fems.
    Nice n' easy
  7. ^ I like that idea. If you can root your clones fast enough, by the time you find out that they're all female they can be worth a good 1/2 oz each if flowered right away.
  8. Klutter, that is actually a very good idea. The only problem is I have already started germinating all of the seeds so I pretty much have to plant them :S. But next time I will definately use your idea.

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