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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dtrain, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. I'm attempting to grow my first plants. How do i determine whether my plants are male or female and at what stage of development can this determination be made. Thanks
  2. you can throw the plants into a 12/12 light cycle at there 4th to 5th week of veg to determine sex.
  3. thanks for your help!
  4. could someone post a pic of a male and a female plant so i know what im looking for i just got my medical pot card and have no idea what a male or female plant looks like
  5. theres a diagram -->[​IMG]
  6. thanks for the help mey your joints be fat and the cops long gone
  7. i have a problem, i think after reviewing that diagram i have come to the conclusion i have a hermie, my plant was started indoors under 2 4ft 40w floros on a light cycle of 24/0 ( they were startesd july 17) and i put them outside about late august. The one plant has thoes balls growing at the nodes and a little at the top where the main coal should be but it also has thoes white hairs comming out the top, what the hell do i do! ( sorry no digital camera)
  8. Most likely they are hermies. This is probably due to the shock the plant received from getting light from two different sources (indoor and the sun). Depending on the genetics of the seeds, this will happen often. Not much you can do now though. I had a hermie and I smoked it and it was fine. Not the best, but definately smokable. If there are female pistils on the plant, do not throw it can still smoke it.
  9. Male plants also usually flower earlier then females once it hits the flowering stage so you'll definately know what plants are males or females.. From my experience, the males always flowered first so I was able to get rid of them. If you want to pollinate a female plant so it bears seeds, then keep them. Otherwise, pull them out or sell them to a dumbass for some money. Haha...that was a joke. Don't do that....karma aint something you want to mess with.
  10. Here's another, with nice color photos.

  11. don't move your plants around alot or change the lighting often. unless from veg to flower. stress will turn your plants into hermies!
  12. ive got a question! I figure instead of wasting another thread..ill just ask here.

    Lets say you were going to veg your plant for only like 4 weeks, as apposed to going like 6-7. When you flower, could you get away with flowering the same time, and produce a good yield? or would you just be screwed from insufficient veg time? Just a question!


  13. cool info

    will I still get good smoke if i leave the seeds in??

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