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  1. Hello, I have another plant that looks iffy.. I will try to make this breif. Have done a couple crops but have struggled with Male/Hermes plants. I hear a lot of times your unable to determine sex until flower but I felt like I've seen this before on some of the previous crops. I've been told some plants will show sex after 6weeks in Veg, this plant has been in Veg roughly 8weeks. My question for you is what are your thoughts on this plant? Is it male, female, Herme? Or am I just seeing normal growth? I've attached some photos with red circles around the parts I'm concerned about. Thank you!




  2. they look like balls
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  3. I only see this 1 ball on the plant towards the top node, more towards the bottom some have little white hairs.. it may have got stressed and turned hermie on me. I just wanted to reassure before I throw it. Appreciate the help!
  4. wait it out fora more definitive answer now your aware you will catch well before it spits pollon anywere
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  5. It’s kind of hard to tell. The flash makes it a little difficult to tell
  6. Okay Here's couple without flash, see if this helps

  7. i think give it a bit more time buddy
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