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  1. they're pretty good. my buddies and i make some snowboard/ski sesh vids to their music :p

    [ame=]YouTube - Detektivbyrån-E18[/ame]
  2. Post one of the snowboard vids homie
  3. [ame=]YouTube - Random Bastards Vol 4 "Purple Reign" Teaser[/ame]
    biggup @ :43 ;)
  4. Dude that was dope as hell, you shoulda said skate and snow lol, I skate everyday of my life, +rep for the 50 laser and for being in spain (or at least Europe I assume, I recognize the transistion spot with the big ass red and white blocks)

    edit: lol I'm retarded, it says you live in Sweden. Awesome!
  5. haha, it's cool man :) yeah, it rules here. i used to be in love with skating but i can't really skate anymore. i got stabbed in the knee awhile ago from a psycho fuck and needed surgery. i lost a shitload of muscle mass and now i have problems with it, so the summer is my off season and i wreck the shit in winter. but thanks for the rep man :) i'll share more vids of us when i get back from the city!
  6. damn dude you got stabbed!?! thats fucked up, keep boarding though! skate or snow, all that matters is havin fun, and I'll rep that till the day I die lol
  7. nice edit. snowboarding is so steezy. love it
  8. i love it. everything about it is great. especially snaking noobs :p
  9. Diggin' it. I might be over that way in May...
  10. Sounds like carnival music.
  11. it's great. you'll love it here if you don't mind the cold.
  12. Cold doesn't bother me in the least, I'm definitely looking forward to the boarding that way!

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