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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by OwnGrown, May 24, 2010.

  1. A big thank you to the GC community for helping me with all my questions so far. Now what im wondering is how far can IR cameras penetrate into a house to see grow lights from copters and such? I only plan on growing a few plants. four at the most, so one light should do me. Do i need to be concerned about putting the light upstairs? I have an attic, well insulated, about 12 feet tall. If i grow upstairs the light would be about 13 feet below the tip of the roof. Should i put the lights downstairs, or in the crawl? Not as tall down there, bout 3 feet or so, but if it avoids detection that might be best. Id like to put them upstairs, so i can keep a door locked on them. Any ideas?
  2. they will see your venting of hot air ..not the actual just vent wisely, and BTW it is really tough to get busted by FLIR with only a 400-600 watt light ...

    the biggest problem with attics is the heat..attics are notoriously hot...

    and crawl spaces are well too low , and too humid lots of the time

    got an extra closet in the guest room ( up the stairs or down ) ? if so use that..

    good luck
  3. So if i just vent from the upstairs closet into the attic the heat will be evenly dispersed and therefore not appear as white hot concentrated heat. Is this what you mean? i watched the video by barry cooper and learned a lot of stuff there. from what i can tell, what is needed is to avoid piping hot air into the cool atmosphere outside the house. venting to the attic to disperse the heat evenly is that the answer?
  4. yup... disperse or disguise, you got it....
  5. dont forget you can always hook your exhaust vent to your dryer hose and any heat signatures will just look like you are doing a load of wash.

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