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Details on seeing a marijuana doctor in Arizona

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Jakimoto, May 7, 2011.

  1. I've read the stickies about what qualifies you for medical marijuana, but I would still like some advice on what exactly to tell the doctor. I know of a marijuana doctor I can see, but what should I tell him, exactly? I suffer from depression and it causes headaches and severe nausea quite often, and I've gone to doctors in the past because of it, but they didn't really do much. Is this enough to qualify me? I feel like I need something severe like cancer to get marijuana prescribed, but severe nausea is also on the list.
  2. I got my recommendation on Thursday and got my approval email from the state in less than 13 hours. I can tell you this, at the place I went they were very strict on having a prior medical history and they keep your records on file in case they are audited. My condition has been severe off and on back pain that is well documented. You might have trouble right now with your symptoms and getting approved unless you can bring records from your Dr.

    This is so new here that most are proceeding with caution and not trying to screw it up for the long run.

    Its worth a shot but the Dr's will charge you $150 for the visit and you might want to ask up front what happens to your $$ if they don't write you a recommendation.

    Good luck!
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    You need a medical history.:poke:

    No history, then you will be viewed as some pothead trying to game the system.:cool:

    remember people; If your problem is so bad, then you would have seen a Dr about it before now...:rolleyes:

    Get your records together so the mmj Dr can review what was done.

  4. Dude. I kind of love you for posting this. I have the SAME EXACT CONDITION, also documented. Got a lower right back injury last year from weightlifting and had to go to numerous doctors, even did physical therapy. Now I just recently reinjured it and was thinking about getting a card this summer. Think I could pull it off if I have the docs?

  5. Without a doubt. :cool: Your condition is legit. PM me if you want the number to place I went to. They even do all the online registration for you ($25) and it was worth it.

    I really don't smoke anywhere but at home but it makes me and my wife (who doesn't smoke) feel better about my medicine garden. We can grow 12 plants until next year.
  6. I got my approval from a Doc in AZ today. Quite a few that were there did not. Records were the big thing. I have all my Dr visits saved ( The reciept you get with the diagnosis and treatment ). I went in with those, Xrays, Mri and my drugs ( Morphine ).

    Good Luck :)

    Old Dude In Pain
  7. Good to see some AZers getting their meds!

    Positive Vibes to all you guys I am trying to get my req this coming week in Rhode Island.
  8. Oh BTW... Office I went to Charged $99 and they take insurance for follow up visits. I will link the company if anyone is interested.

    Old Dude In Pain
  9. Post a link please.
  10. Congrats guys, I really wish they had put migraines in the law

  11. 84% of the approved applications have been for chronic pain. If you have seen a Dr in the past for your headaches, I would get your records and give it a shot.
  12. if anyone can suggest a caregiver in the east valley area, please let me know, i have my card, but growing at my place is impossible, due to the fact my card says unable to cultivate. thanks.
  13. According to a New Times article dispensary registrations will not be awarded till mid aug. It will take dispensaries weeks to open and two to three months till that first crop becomes available. So by my estimate... November at the soonest.

    Fyi... Dr visit was Sat. Submitted docs electronically on sunday. Had my email approval at 9am this morning. Pretty Fast Lol.

    Old Dude In Pain
  14. old dude, now how so we get our medicine? I've had my card for 2 weeks. no idea on where to find any thing. how about you?
  15. You have to live 25 miles or, more from a dispensary in order to cultivate MJ...Maybe that's why it says unable to cultivate on your card.....;)
    Weird....the grower (caregiver) can live right next door to a dispensery and be able to cultive for an approved patient that lives 25 miles away......

    To the OP....Documentation from a doctor, over a period of time is key in getting approved.
    Is probably best to seek the help of an agency that may have a little more clout in getting you approved.
  16. I checked the Cultivate Box on my App. Going to try a tent in a closet. I seen something on the local news where confiscated pot may get cycled to card holders. It would not hurt to call the local PD and see.

    I'm not going to recommend you buy off the street. Folks can get real unfriendly with folks they do not know. Unless you know that enviroment... stay away from it.

    Old Dude In Pain
  17. Cola... They are going to let you grow your own for the first year because there are no dispensaries yet. I put cultivate on my app and it was approved. When I renu next year that may be different.

    New times article says the same...

    Old Dude In pain
  18. ^^ Spot on OldDude, you will get approved for growing, the first year (if you remember to check the box).

    oldheadeadhead, perhaps you can talk to someone at the State Health level, pay the $10 fee to get another card.? :smoke:
  19. sorry to keep this hijacked post alive, but icgreen i truly couldnt grow at my place, i have small children, and their friends hanging around. just need to keep searching for a local care giver till i can get to a dispensary. if any of the local az people can help, that would be great....

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