Destruction of our country.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dram2410, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. It breaks my heart that our choices for president this year, are choices that do not offer us any progress. Anyone with me?
  2. And btw i have not researched Ron Paul, but some seem to support him. I am referring to Obama and Romney
  3. research Ron Paul then return. thanks
  4. Ron paul will never be president because he isn't corruptible.
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^This

    I am not from the States but Ron Paul is the mother fucking man - Sad that the powers at be will never let him get in.

    He would make the tough calls.
  6. Gary Johnson.

    And yes, Capatalisitc America is on its way dowm. Better get yourself some weapons and supplies.
  7. Well im just saying that clearly the only real choices are Obama or Romney. WE ARE FUCKKKED
  8. unless he became two-face!
  9. do you know who is exempt from the american disability act ? .....wait wait wait ....the federal government

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