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  1. If you enjoy competitive FPS... Just dont be a rage quitter smh lol. They have a ban system in effect for habitual quitters and betrayers/boosters.

    Dedicated servers and smooth 60fps.

  2. Halo offers more content compared to Destiny however it also lacked quality content greatly imo. The story was pretty short and looks like faced the same issue Destiny faced.
  3. it is a fun game don't get me wrong.

    But what I'm talking about isn't subjective. Its not my opinion. Its a literal fact.

    If you look at destiny from an objective outside perspective and compare it to other similar games, the reality is clear as day.

    I will compare if to halo and call of duty for now because those are popular titles and the game was supposedly made by both of those teams working together.

    *Halo has numerous maps, game modes, and custom options for competitive multiplayer.

    *Destiny has like 2-3 game mmods and little to no maps compared to competition

    *Halo has a shit ton of vehicles and weapons compared to destiny. And the abilities and such in halo trump those "supers" each class has in destiny creativitywise.

    *The same goes for call of duty. There are more maps, more gamemodes, more weapons and overall features.

    Halo also has forge mode which is awsome

    But OK. Lets give destiny the benefit of the doubt there. It wasn't meant to be a competitive fps like halo. It was meant to be a fps RPG world of Warcraft hybrid. So lets objectively analyze the RPG content.

    *There is only one city, and it is smaller and has less to do than almost any RPG city in any rpg ever made.

    *If you take every single destiny mission, dungeon, raid, and world, plus all side things there are to do, it doesn't even come close to as.much total content and things to do that the halo and call of duty story missions had.

    *halo and call of duty story missions featured various interesting quests and scenarios, as well as mission features, that destiny Lacks. Destiny is basically all the same. One firefighters dungeon after another. There is literally nothing interesting about the destiny missions. No special gagets or vehicles or stealth ops. Nothing. I think back to golden eye 007 for n64 and wonder, why is destiny so plain?

    *destiny considers repeating the same dungeons and raids with high level enemies (same enemies with more HP amor and damage), over and over, content. they literally make you repeat the same raid over and over till you get Max level and say "see, hours and hours of content"

    Its ridiculous to charge full game price for this game.

    halo story was longer, and had mmore interesting missions than destiny.

    Call of duty was even better

    Destiny was just lazy

  4. I still play this game almost daily... I hate it as much as I love it...

    I met XUR for the first time earlier... And I had like 100+ strange coins saved up... But he didn't really have anything good this time around.... And instead of being smart and keeping my coins for next week I got excited and spent them all lol.... Oh well I got exotic shards....

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  5. Destiny isn't on PC. Destiny is full of microtransactions. Destiny is an inferior video game. PASS on that CRAP!
  6. Bro the only micro transactions are for emotes and dances. Stuff that is irrelevant to gameplay. Destiny is the opposite of a Pay to Win...
  7. agreed. As much as I hate on destiny I respect them for having no subscription fee and no pay to win content

  8. Sparrow Race was actually the first step for Pay To Win

    In order to view your race stats you need to fork 10$ and it also included their chance of getting better sparrow
  9. Destiny CEO Harold Ryan had to step down ( fired )

    Hope Luke Smith and Deej will follow his Destiny so we can get rid of all the lazy bastards ...
  10. Anybody still playing this? They have a good deal on the Xbox Live store for it right now So i got it again. Haven't played in well over a year since I was on 360. So I'm sure I'm a newb compared to everyone that's kept up. I haven't played any of the raids or dark below or the wolves expansion or the raids. Halo

    Anyone still around feel free to add me: WheresMyLiGHT3R
  11. I had my best game ever on Destiny.Achieved 17 k/d ratio in a game where i didn't die at all :)


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