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  1. You got a PS4?

  2. thats pretty accurate description. I've only played it for like 30 mins this morning but I do like it cant wait to see what else is in store for me later. I have a feeling this will be a great game

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    There's a slight MMO-theme with the main "base". It's a city where you walk around with other people, weapon shops, trainers, etc. There's no chat function other than voice which sucks, and I don't hear very many people talking on PS4. I haven't wandered around enough to see if there's an auction block. The map system sucks. It's like a shopping mall, you have to go to a sign rather than pressing a button to pull up the map. Then the story missions are similar to Borderlands, but either my eyes are bad, or there isn't much loot to be found. The PvP multiplayer feels like Halo to me, but there's only one game mode available so I'm not sure how that will turn out.

    I'm having fun with it, but not sure if it's $60 worth of fun.

  4. Really lame the 10gig file has to download within Destiny...

    Can't do anything but look at the fucking Destiny screen the entire time lol and its slow as fuck
  5. I was there yesterday lool go out for some beers and a joint & it will be done in no time ;)

    Chase you? Bitch, I dont even chase my liquor!
  6. At this rate I'll have it finished by November lol such a slow download

    2.5 gigs in 5 hours... I think my internet must have cut out while I was at work... That's fucking slow
  7.  Destiny kicks ass. Played the first 4 missions and some multiplayer domination action today. Spending more time than I thought at The Tower dancing with others lol. Good to see something new from Bungie. Feels and plays a lot like Halo. Solid controls and very good graphics for a beta and the content you get is huge. Can't wait to play the full game in September.
  8. I just heard that the beta version of this game is now live on PS3 and PS4. Anyone got a free code to share for PS3?
  9. Finally done. I'll be on throughout the day
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  11. This beta is really impressing me.
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    6 more minutes...
  13. I hope there is more than just old russia to earth, I see their is an opening for 2 or 3 more planets but I feel like that wont be much I've ripped through old russia pretty quick lool and cant play the moon missions until full game is out

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    I have a feeling it will have numerous dlc's or way more content than they make available to see in the beta... (not just accessible stuff but you can clearly see there is more to do they didn't unlock for beta)

    Hopefully just free stuff lol well included with game price at least
  15. have you played yet? Lets run some crucialble hate playing with people with no mic lool

    Chase you? Bitch, I dont even chase my liquor!
  16. I played for a few hours earlier lol and alpha.

    I have a mic at least haha but I'm about to eat some ribs
  17. Yeah be nice to be able to play on the moon. Old Russia is cool though.
  18. Are there certain class types when you start? If so could somebody list them and their descriptions?
    Also can you change classes at any point without starting a new character?

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