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  1. A story for sometime when playing Destiny haha
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  2. I'm down to join the GC squad on ps4 when it comes out. Would play the beta but I don't want to buy psn just for the beta. Waiting until September to drop that $50
  3. Lol, you mind sharing one of those 360 codes? 
    If not please share the differences, I'm curious myself  :laughing:
  4. so...  what time is it supposed to go live?  i was sitting at my computer at midnight refreshing my emails over and over again cause i thought it was going up then.
  5.  theres a count down timer here.
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  6. 10pm

    Chase you? Bitch, I dont even chase my liquor!
  7. I haven't gotten my codes lol.

    Better not get skipped on this one
  8. Meant to say 10am. The website launch timer is saying 3 more hours.

    Chase you? Bitch, I dont even chase my liquor!
  9. I only have one code for each system. I will post the differences if I can find any besides graphics.
    Did you pre-order  it? I would be a little worried if I hadn't gotten mine yet. You can always preorder it on amazon get the code then cancel your order. Amazon doesn't charge until it ships so you get the code free of charge.
    Lame its not starting till 10am. I was hoping to watch some beta videos on youtube before work.
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    Nah i got an email inviting me to it because i was in alpha.. but i also got a beta code looooong ago from a friend and i totally used it so maybe i dont need a code and im being fucking stupid....
    i cant remember if i did use it or not... but i did get one...
    imma feel dumb if i am already in and im stressin not having a code lol
    EDIT: i just checked my bungie account, logged in via PSN and it says "your beta codes will be below"
    and below it says "come back on July 17th for your code"
    bungie do you have a fucking calendar or do i need to mail you one???? DERP
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  11. They don't unlock until 10am PST.
    T minus 6 days until the Xbox beta. Till then I will be anxiously watching beta footage on youtube. Destiny better justify my Xbox one.
    yea, it doesnt even matter if i get mine until much later lol... i work until 5:30 mountain time
    i just want it :devious:
  13. got my codes!
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  14. Got my codes

    Chase you? Bitch, I dont even chase my liquor!
  15. Another 3 hours of slavery for me before I can sit back toke & game!!

    Chase you? Bitch, I dont even chase my liquor!
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    5 and a half here, and i wont be playing much tonight... sat and sun are when ill get most of my time in
  17. whats your PSN

    Chase you? Bitch, I dont even chase my liquor!
    S1r50G i think.... psn site keeps telling me the page for signing in doesnt exist so i cant actually check
    its either that or 51r50G
    seriously getting a sony 404 if i click any sign in link... fucking sony
  19. Fucking psn went down as I go on lunch to try and start the dl...

    As I entered the code.. just hung there... better not have fucked me over
  20. Any really nice UK players got a spare code they could give me? I got an american code from a very kind blade but it won't work since in the UK :(
    Would really appreciate it and I am also a good team player :)

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