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  1. Nah m8 i just like to have a shred of a social life about me and dont have time to play loads of random games all the time.

    Im not getting at ye like but youre coming off as a dick whinging about it not comin out on pc and how silly it is, who gives a fk its on the playstation soon, everyone with a ps4 is gonna be lovin it, so get one join in or fuck off and whinge elsewhere lol

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  2. my videogame playing has nothing to do my social life, i enjoy playing videogames more than movies and tv so my free time at home is spent on them. id rather have more to play then the same 1 game i spent 60 bucks on so i feel the need to play it everyday for 6 months. and im allowed to be upset a game isnt being released the platform id rather play on, im willing to bet youve bitched about a few of the xbox exclusives that never made their way to Playstation or have you never heard of halo, gears of war, left 4 dead, fable, forza or alan wake? i know when i was playing xbox 360 i wanted to play games like killzone and uncharted, just never enough to by the console. 
  3. Aye ano what ye mean. Being serious though as an xbox 360 player i wanted the ps3 exclusives and now im ps3 and ps4 i dont want any xbox games lol

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    thats because sony won this console war. xbox was the unarguable winner of last gen with the better controller, lower price point, and earlier release. sony remembered that and this time they won. until xbox finds more games like titanfall ( which is fun as hell btw, i played the beta on my pc) they wont sell nearly as many consoles. during the months leading up to the launches sony let microsoft deliver all the bad news about drm and prices and then they came out and said whatever the fans didnt want in the xbox wasnt in the playstation. 
  5. Haha yees playstation did a stellar job. Kudos sony, kudos :)

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  6. Were the first Halo games made by someone other than Bungie? Halo was on PC.
  7. Just preordered a copy for ps3. Excited to play the Beta this summer. Anyone else?
  8. I'm pretty excited, nothing too much. Just its a few months away and I've got better shit to worry about. I'll be getting it for ps4
  9. Can't wait for this game, gonna be so awesome! There's no games on the next-gen market which have caught my attention lately, I rarely even play my X1 atm. But as soon as this comes out man am I gonna nerd the shit out of it haha
  10. Isnt destiny going to be on pc?

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  11. I dont think so no

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  12. Coulda sworn it was comming out for pc. So i googled it.

    It is indeed being released on pc!

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  13. Is the beta being released for 360?

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  14. Maybe at some stage but I know it's going to PlayStation 3/4 first.
  15. everyone go follow my group "reefers" on bungie so we can get some games when the beta is out

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  16. Can't wait to play this when it comes out. It's the only game I'm looking forward to. Watch Dogs just doesn't seem as cool as I thought it would be.
  17. FREEEE beta starts july 17 for play station. Add me on ps4 guise and we play, have mucho caliente fun aSpicyKielbasa. For real though, add me. Game is going to be fuckin sick, gonna get totally blazed before i play that baby.

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