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  1. According to a recent 27-page contract between Bungie and Activision published by the L.A. Times, Bungie's next game, codenamed "Destiny," will be released as a timed exclusive on Xbox 360 and its successor -- currently referred to as Xbox 720 -- in the fall of 2013.
    The contract states that Bungie will make four "sci-fantasy, action shooter games" in the Destiny series to be released every other year starting in 2013. Additionally, the Bellevue, WA-based developer will have to make four downloadable expansion packs, codenamed "Comet," every other year from 2014-2020.
    While the first game would be a timed Microsoft exclusive, subsequent games in the franchise are slated for the Playstation 3's successor (I'm going to take a wild guess that it'll be called the PlayStation 4), and PC.

    I'm so glad to hear this news. What a disgrace Reach is to Halo. Bungie is what made Halo great, screw 343. I don't think I'll even buy Halo 4, I'd rather wait a year and buy this.
  2. Halo Reach was developed by Bungie...
  3. Owned.:cool:
  4. [quote name='"TheShepherd"']Halo Reach was developed by Bungie...[/quote]

    Yes but with Microsoft game studios unlike the first 3 . However 343 is carrying along the legacy of the albatross that is Halo Reach.. Microsoft moved Halo towards the casual gamer. Also 343s map packs are trash.
  5. Fair enough. The unlock system for unlocks in Halo 4 does resemble that of CoD, so I won't argue that they're not changing it to appeal to casual gamers.
  6. reach is by far the best halo game

    people are so petty. everything in reach was a massive improvement over the previous games especially in forge and the campaign.

    oh no there is bloom and noobs are now gods because there is no BR. its the worst halo ever -_-
  7. Is this sarcasm...?

  8. nah hes preachin
  9. [​IMG]


  10. You obviously missed Halo 2. Nothing tops the second Halo.
  11. I have many faiths in 343. Watch the ViDocs; these guys acknowledge that they themselves are fans, and they seem to know what they are doing. Even the lead on sound assured me by the thousands when I watched the "Composing Worlds" one.

    Though I do not like how Bungie and Activision have such an extensive contract; DLC packs shouldn't even be fathomed until after a game has been released, in order to keep it going and fresh. It's quite different in the industry these days.

    But I do indeed have faith in Bungie too, and nearly shit my pants when they first announced that this was to be a SCI-FI, FPS MMO :hello: so I will absolutely be keeping a close eye on this !!

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