despite the fact that i'm rambling on and on, this should be very informative

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  1. Hey there,

    my name is covington (obviously that's not my real name) and, hmmm, let's see, where do i start?

    I smoked weed for the first time when i was in 7th grade, i think the year was 1995. my bro had gone away to a...damn, what's that religion called?...oh yeah... a quaker boarding school, in westtown, pennsylvania. while he was away becoming a new person, i, too was reaching out in new ways. he got suspended from school for two weeks for smoking pot in the corn field, and his first day home for suspension, my first question to him was "do you have any weed?" we smoked up, and after that, he began mailing weed and hash to me. i think i gave all my friends pot for christmas presents. i was bad. i was probably only 12 or 13 years old, and smoking hash and weed out of soda cans behind the school soccer field. then i started cigarettes. and drinking. my first experience drunk by intention (unlike all the family christmas parties) was in 7th grade also. and i puked waterfalls.

    from then on, i was a pot smoker, a cigarette smoker, and a drinker. in 9th grade, i tried shrooms, i've done 'em once or twice since then. i dealt acid for a while in high school, too, but never tried it. although i've been smoking weed for the past 6 or 7 years, there have been a couple times in my life when i've taken breaks from smoking weed. i call the breaks a hiatus, defined by lasting for atleast one month without smoking even a single bowl or joint. one lasted 6 months, i was bulimic, and scared to death of the munchies, being in a state of mind where i would eat and eat, and not think of the consequences, meaning i wouldn't puke it up, which was more of a nightmare for me than being straight and binging till my eyes bulged, then purging for half an hour straight. pretty picture, huh? i am the most thankful person you've ever met. i only suffered from bulimia for 2 years, and i am now almost completely cured from depression and bulimia, thanks to a little drug called prozac. which reminds me, back to weed and drugs.

    besides hash, shrooms, weed and alcohol, i've done ecstasy once or twice, and at different intervals in my life, really gotten into pharmaceuticals, you know, robatussin highs, combos of legal over the counter drugs, legal ecstacy, etc. that's it for my drug experiences, i have tried to promise myself never to shoot up anything or snort anything, although i've come extremely close to coke (i have a coke head for a roommate, she's also my current daily smoking buddy).

    i'd like to think of myself as a somewhat experienced smoker, or atleast, a knowledgable smoker. i know many people much more experienced than me, though, so i know where i stand. i'm trying to define the kind of smoker i am, but i'm a little lost, let's see....
    oh yeah. i'm spoiled. my brother was so picky, he smoked nothing but the kindest buds. he refused to "dirty his glass" with anything other than the best. so i have standards. but i'm not picky like him. if someone offers to smoke me up, i don't ask to see the weed, then refuse them and put down the quality of their pot. i smoke it. but i think once in my life i've bought shoddy weed. the rest of the time, nothing but dank. oh yeah, i'm also not big on blunts, and i actually dislike joints. not to be rude, but i don't need your comments on this. i have my reasons, like soggy cigar wrappers, and that time i puked after smoking two joints. that's the only time in my life weed has had a noticably bad affect on me.
    i'm also not extremely generous or extremely stingy. i'd rather smoke with someone else than by myself, although once on a great while i'll enjoy a solo smoke. so i invite other people. i don't insist they match me bowl for bowl, or chip in cash. i merely expect that if i smoke them up, they someday return the favor. take my neighbor for example. she is my summer smoking partner. every morning we smoked a bowl or two of my weed that i bought with my money, and played nintendo until early afternoon. after a month of this, she would ask that i give her weed, and i would tell her to buy her own. she would ask me to buy it for her, and that she'd pay me back, and i'd tell her, yeah right. she never wanted to buy any real amount, only $10 worth or so. this is ridiculous. so i started to tell her i didn't have any and i couldn't get any. finally she would make an effort and end up with a teeny-tiny bag of shake, absolute shit that didn't fill more than a bowl, and she'd be damn stingy about it. i can not stand this aspect of my neighbor, nor do i put up with it.
    now, despite the standards of weed i was raised with, i don't exactly follow it. this is my opinion and knowledge of weed in providence and connecticut: grams are over-priced, $20 for decent weed with seeds and stems making up for half of that single gram, or $10 for absolute shit that was probably licked off the bottom of someone's shoe. it's taken a great deal of time, but i've finally developed an eye for quality and amount. i can recognized when an eighth is off by a gram or so, i can recognize when it's worth $40 or $50. oh yeah, i buy in eighths, i would like to buy in ounces, but it's hard to part with anything more than fifty dollars at a time, so i'm forced to make frequent purchases, which actually costs me more in the long run. so back to my preferences. i like to pay $40-$50 an eighth. i only pay $50 for indoors, high quality. i never bother with hydro or something with a fancy name like maui waui or panama red, i'm not convinced it's worth the extra cash. $40 for very decent, locally grown outdoors. but the best deal yet is from a friend name kevo, in connecticut. for $45, and he will front it to you if he trusts you, you get what i call a large eigth, it's about 4 to 4.5 grams. it's indoors, locally grown (meaning not a lot of middlemen making profit) but for such good weed, it's got quite a bit of stems and seeds, and sometimes, it's even just a tad drier than i'd like. hence, he gives you more than an eighth, to make up for the weight in stems and seeds, and charges a fair price, because once the seeds and stems are gone, you've got some fucking awesome weed that gets you blazed fast. speaking of kevo, and the problems of dry weed, i believe in storing my weed in jars with rubber seals. always moist, always intact. and did i mention kevo blows glass, not just bowls and bongs, but bubblers, chillums, chubblers, sliders, and of course, custom made jars. he's nearly as good as jerome baker, sells to every head shop in connecticut, makes lots of money, and of course, sells his glass pieces to me for a third of the price you would pay in a head shop. he's great. but now that i'm in providence, i don't associate with kevo so much.

    so now it's my best friend's boyfriend, joey. his weed is beautiful looking and always very moist. i gave him a jar for his birthday, it holds two ounces. and it's always full. he's always willing to sell me some, but his prices are varying and sometimes a turn off. i've become accostumed to his weed, though, and i like it. it takes only one bowl between two or three people, and it takes a while to kick in, which i kind of like, the suspense of waiting to see if you need to pack another bowl or not, because we all know that pot heads can't wait, so they pack another one, and before you know it, you are so gone you can't remember the first bowl. oh yeah, back to kevo, one last thing. he did a grab-bag method, he put all his eights into a large brown paper bag, and you picked one out without looking at them, which means no fondling around, messing up his beautiful eighths. and you just can't wait to see if you got "the one" that has that killer bud he's been talking about all night in it.

    okay, i've been going on and on forever. you probably stopped reading this ages ago. i have so many other stories to share and insights and information. but i'll save it for another day. this is just an introduction to me, hope you like what you see.
  2. you come off as a little homosexual. Are you homosexual?
  3. Well welcome to the city covington. You can have a bowl & stay awhile. I picked up a nice airtight jar at a thrift store the other day. Still I havent had the damned thing full - (could be cuss i keep smokin the contents). :)

    & btw looks like you already have a friend, killtheklown are you interested?
  4. ^ This dudes been a member since 01....hahahaha!

    I don't have the patience to read all that...I'm suprised you guys did
  5. i found the little bio very interesting
  6. wow I am so high and I just read that whole thing and I forgot like whatever I just read, that story sucked so bad, I was waiting the whole time for something interesting to happen and you just totally disappointed me. sorry you are cut.
  7. Welcome to the city bro!

    Oh and From what I can tell from your bio, you ahve EXTREMELY high standards, and sound very picky...You must not notice it but from the Bio you come off as it. Which is why some ignorant people might think yuo come off as homosexual...but whatever thats why they are ignorant.


    *passes the J*

  8. Lmao thats pretty funny. KilltheClown brought this thread back up in 2004,
  9. aloha... i haven't been here long, but welcome!
  10. Uh...the poster posted this on 11-30 of 2001.

    But...welcome to u, aquarius!!! :)
  11. This made me laugh really hard. Actually, I'm still laughing.
    Aquarius is like the 3rd person to bring up this thread and welcome the guy.
    I'm not making fun of her or anything, just the irony cracks me up.
    Thanks for giving me a good laugh.
  12. lmao, you dont go for hyrdo or "strains" but you'll pay $40=50 for an 1/8th of outdoor weed too. You DO realize you can get "strains" for the same price????

    Stop being a stuckup prick and try some variety :)

    P.S. Welcome to the city.
  13. stems weighy barely anything
  14. nice thread dude hopfully this post will bring back this thread for another couple posts and then again in 2010

  15. LOL, XD :p
  16. Welcome Covington!
  17. dropping a post for the 2008 ! :hello::wave::smoke: :cool:

    pretty cool that this was posted 7 years ago LOL.
  18. I gotta love it. This is the worst thread I've ever seen. Nothing was said, but it will be around forever. And someone welcomes covington every year, since 2001. I laughed hard at "Are you homosexual? You come off that way..." When I read this I guessed it was a chick writing it, but then again looking back it could have been a guy. But who knows. Welcome, even though you have been a member far longer than I.
  19. Wow. I'm not sure what to think. Most people just leave off with "Hello, my name is..." whenever they meet someone new.
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    This Covington guy sure seems like a narcissistic, insecure person.

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