desperately need calculus help.

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    If any of you blades have calc experience, I am really stuck on this project before finals. If you can help I will be so thankful.

    Basically I'm given a graph of a curve, a downward facing parabola, which represnts the annual harvest of trees in an orchard. I need to come up with an equation to express the curve in terms of y(x). I can get it from there.

    How do I go about this? All I can really tell from the graph is there is a local max of y=500 at x =35.
    Thanks for any and all help blades, this is a project that will make or break my grade.
  2. If anyone can be of any help, I can send you a picture of the graph of the project. I only have a phone camera and it does not display pictures well when posted here.
  3. post it!
  4. need more info...can you post the question word for word
  5. ..why is this thread here this should be in the calculus section of the forums...


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