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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xvisionx, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Without going into too many details, sometimes you just go dry...

    So tonight, I took 7G's of stems with a extremely small portion of kief sprinked on top, hit it out of the ZOB and you know what? - I'm higher than I've been in months, love it...Share you're desperate stories!
  2. My wife and I had been driving from Juno to Anchorage, when a harsh blizzard hit, we were trapped for days with no food or water, eventually, my wife died of hypothermia, and I just couldn't stop myself, I was so desperate to eat, I... I had to eat me wife.

    Bitch was chinese though so I was hungry 30 minutes later.

  3. lmfao
  4. When I first started smoking weed, my desperation mode would be to smoke resign hits. I had to do this a few times.

    After growing a bit older, smoking weed for years, I have great connects and my desperation mode is pretty much smoking medium quality bud I get stuck through my guy sometimes. When I get it, I set it aside and give to others who aren't looking for the best.. and if worst ever comes to worst I smoke it.

    I guess I'm lucky I haven't been very desperate in recent years. :smoke:
  5. Ripping open dimebags and scraping the kief out of them, so I could rub my fingers together and make hash balls. It worked surprisingly.
  6. right now vaping than smoking it i do it when i have less than a gram left so i can smoke the vape poo out of my bong

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