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  1. so I got home after a long train journey, had some dinner and stuff, and decided I really wanted a joint and a drink. I had no weed in, and I asked my housemate, but he was all out dealer had none either, and i was a bit bummed out. I tried to go for my drink, I have some awesome rum in but it needs cola or something, but I didnt have that either and so I found a bottle of powerade that I had with me on the train. Threw some rum in a glass and that too. It tasted fucking diabolical, so I really needed some fucking cola about now.
    Then I noticed that my mate had left some weed on the coffee table. Its really fucking brown and old, looks like it was pillaged from Tutankhamun's tomb or mate had already mentioned how crap it is.
    Enlivened by this nonetheless, i went upstairs in search of smoking tools.
    I found one rizla (LAME), and I had no tobacco! Yeah I'm English, lol...also there wasnt enough weed for a blunt, so it kinda needed it.
    I had a look in all the nooks and crannies in my room, no baccy was to be found.
    I started getting desperate and looked in the bin, which was rank, had like old stuff and used rubbers and so I found a little bit of baccy in an old packet and ran downstairs, excited.
    I opened it up...and found a fucking piece of plastic, it felt like baccy when I found it. I took a sip or my nasty rum-powerade mix and decided i really needed to just go to the fucking corner shop.
    One pack of tobacco and a can of coke later and I'm all set!
    Anyone else been doing silly things through laziness and/or desperation?
  2. You should've just made a pipe out of a can or something. I even made out of an apple.
    And yes, we ran out of tobacco and mixed the weed with dried leaves, we ran out of rizla's and used paper torn out of a notebook and bought weed from a guy that is quite known for selling shitty packets ( we where supposed to get 1 gram for 10€ but instead got 0,3)
  3. No I can't say I've ever been desperate enough for anything to rummage around a trash can full of dirty old used condoms
  4. 0.3 grams, wtf? that blows dude! and yeah i think most people have emergency dealers with shitty deals, for when their usual supply is a no-go. Yeah how do you make an apple pipe? I wanna give that a go.

  5. These two bits made me laugh my ass off.

  6. Apple bowl: Simple as taking a pee. Take an apple, get the little stem off, take a spoon, jab it in closer to the dip where the stem was, and turn the apple, cutting out the bowl. Try for a perfect circle. Then use the spoon as a shovel (or a spade, whatever you like to call it :p) And thats it for the bowl part. Then take a pen, take the ball and ink and stuff out, so it's just and empty case with 2 open holes and jam it in the side of the apple where you presume it is just below the lowest point of the bowl you made. Shove it all the way through and pull the case out the other side. Empty all the apple stuff out.
    Lastly, Take a knive or skewer or knife or something with a small point and poke a hole or 2 in the bowl you cut for the smoke to go through. Place the pen 1/3 of the way in the hole you made with the pen for a mouthpiece (So you don't have to burn yourself) and there you have it, The carb is the other side of the apple where the pen went through.
    You can use tinfoil if you want to stop the weed from getting covered in wet apple juice, or u dont haave to. Whatever you want.

    ANYWAY yeah i've gotten desprate before. Smoked some resin from the bowl and bong, and went into my emergency stash a few times. But that's what it's for right? Sometimes i'll look for somebody with 5 dollars and a dealer to go pick some up with me. Generally works :p

    And I though i was the only one who likes to put tobacco in any rolled weed smoking...thing. :hello:
  7. can the english only smoke with tabbaco? thats weird man :eek:
  8. i wonder if the OP realizes he didnt have to mix the powerade and rum...
    you can just take shots of rum and use the powerade as a chaser. (a chaser is just a drink to help wash down the alcohol)
  9. Chasers are for pussies.
  10. Lesson of the day: Always have more than one dealer, like 5.
  11. wow so your first resort should of been your last, meaning what the hell were you thinking going through the garbage.

    Corner Store - first

    The Trash - never
  12. I've smoked nugs I've dropped on the floor but this is a little different...This reminds me of my homeboy. After every morning in the spot we kick it and blaze, he'd go back to grab some roaches to smoke. Probably found 7 roachs each time he went back...
  13. shit that sucks lol. i was desperate for a cig when i was all out of baccy, so i got on the floor and gathered together all the bits that had dropped on the floor...ugh that cig was SO skinny and mostly hair :confused: was disgusting.
  14. yeah I'm used to smoking it with tobacco, keeps it burning, makes it last longer...I know its an English thing, heh. And yeah so I should have just gone to the shop...but I was feeling lazy. And I'm a pussy, I do need a mixer/chaser, lol...I'm also female.

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