Desperate times

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  1. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I am just wondering what the worst thing you have done or the funniest thing you've done (whatever) to get your hands on a bit of sweet mary-jane! :smoke:
  2. Worst? Rob someone.

    Funniest? Ummm... Probably rob someone.
  3. Suck dick for weed :devious:

    hahahahaha.... :laughing:
  4. [quote name='"Flemian"']Worst? Rob someone.

    Funniest? Ummm... Probably rob someone.[/quote]

    That's not cool =p
  5. No its not. But my avatar is.


  6. boo this man!
  7. If I don't have money for bud I don't smoke, I don't really get desperate for weed. I mean I have never even taken a resin hit before( proud of that to) because I just feel like if I have to go that low to try to get a little high, I should be spending my time tryin to make money then worrying about weed
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    Rode a horse saddle-back 500 miles through the Canadian wilderness and had to fight off three wilder-beasts during the trek. I ended up contracting pneumonia, however I regained my strength just in time to defend a small village on the boarder of British Columbia from a ferocious dragon.

    Needless to say, the townspeople were so thankful that they presented me with 100 pounds of their previous year's cannabis crop.
  9. I once shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.
  10. you f*ckin legend! may i add you as a friend? lol :smoke:
  11. lol at people desperate to get high hahaha i got weed for dayssss
  12. you are one lucky person/blazer/potsmoker! :hello: if i had weed for days it would have to be a lot so i salute you! and hope one day you drop a parcel on my doorstep :)
  13. Bought weed off a 12 year old, bitch tried to rip me off. took his scooter until he paid up.

  14. cause i have a job
  15. When your so horny but you don't have internet to watch porn....

    desperate times :D

  16. i have a job also :) but im studying so i cant really afford a lot of herb :/ unfortunatly as it would help me a lot :) but hey! my day will come!!!!!!! it was foretold in the prophecy of the tokers! :smoke:
  17. eat shit out a bucket for an eighth.

    jokes on them, I do that shit on the regular.
  18. I nurtured a runty little plant that most people would have probably thrown away. I consider it funny because of the result: a 9” plant that gave up 1Oz dry.

    Never underestimate what a little bit of TLC can do. :p Link in my sig.
  19. [ame=]Bob Saget sucks dick for coke! - YouTube[/ame]
  20. Picked weed crumbs off the floor, resin blast

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