Desperate times call for desperate measures - vaporizer advice needed

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by madison8, May 14, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone. It has been three weeks since I have smoked...I am dying. I need your advice, please, I implore you.

    So, sadly, I am a student at a university that is extremely, extremely NOT nug-friendly.

    I'm currently living on campus, in an apartment-style building. The RA lives three doors down from me. Thus, I need to look into buying some sort of device that would allow me to smoke stealthfully and without much notice (RAs are given free reign to enter rooms they suspect having weed-related activity in...usually some students narc about smell, etc.) I am on the top floor of the building (20th, to be exact), so the smell can't travel very far.

    Firstly, what would you recommend I buy? I'm looking at vaporizers mainly because of their ability to mask most of the smell, but I'm open to any and all suggestions.

    I figured buying a vaporizer would be the most logical option. I've had a few friends recommend Amazon to me. They've bought fairly cheap ($30-$70 range) vaporizers online from there. Any advice? Suggestions?

    P.S. I am not looking to buy any amazing, 500-dollar machine here, as I've been made aware of through headshops, online research, etc. I'm a college student, on a college student budget. Looking to get a reasonable device that'll help to hide my sneaky smoking ways, but also hang in there for the near future for other stealthy smoking sessions.

    THANK YOU all. Now, get at me. :wave:
  2. Ahhhh hmm my friend has the extreme vape which is ok i think it was like 250 bucks makes it smell like burnt pop corn.
  3. I own the extreme q which is just the upgraded version and I highly recommend it. You can find one on eBay for around 225-250 maybe cheaper. It does both bags and balloons if you are interested in vaporizers look up a forum called f**k combustion they have all you need to know.
  4. Magic Flight Launch Box

    There are some threads here in the city. Runs about 100 bones and comes with a lifetime warranty. Completely stealth too and uses rechargeable batteries.
  5. just smoke a joint outside man. I vape all the time at home, but i dont think i would if i would have the risk of getting kicked out of school/the dorm.
  6. Hey guys. Thanks for the updates...I'm definitely looking into the forums & suggestions.

    As for just smoking a joint...I've done it a few times. Unfortunately the area around my campus (downtown Pittsburgh) isn't really safe to walk around at night, especially for a lone female. Also, our campus cops patrol like WHOA constantly, and they're pricks (big surprise,) so I try to not dabble outside if I can avoid it.

    Also - these things that you've all suggested- do they come with discreet packaging? If I order these, they have to go through my dorm mail, and something tells me that they won't respond positively to anything suspicious in the least.

    THANK you all for your suggestions...feel free to keep them coming.
  7. when do you get out of school? if you can, just wait until you get out and have it mailed to your house.
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    Anything you buy has to be legal right? Well un-used "tobacco pipes/vaporizers" are perfectly legal if they have not been used with an illegal substance. You should get a safe where you can keep your bud(in an airtight glass mason jar of course) and vape.

    Get a Magic Flight Launch Box!! The MF LB is an awesome little unit, it makes no sound, heats up instantly, and can easily slip into a pocket. It's the best portable and the cheapest quality vape. I really highly reccomend it, you can buy it from BlissSville.

    EDIT: check out
  9. the MFLB is your best bet in this situation, without a doubt.

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