=/ desperate situation. please help.

Discussion in 'General' started by EZ PK, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. So i'm chilling, i have a quarter sitting next to me. no bowl, no papers, no potatoes, apples, cans..what the hell am I to smoke from. Can someone help a bro out?
  2. If you got cigs you can go the tedious way of 'rolling' the tobacco and the filter out and roaching it and slowly filling it up with ganj/tobacco mix..

    Or uhh.. Tinfoil ? Could make a lung or bucket..
  3. What you need is a bucket (for water) a 2 litre bottle, and a socket head from a tool-box... Or you can hot-knife
  4. you could go get something, whether it be papers or go buy a cheap pipe at your headshop, i got cheap ones all over the place here cause i lose em all the time.
  5. Ahh I forgot hotknives. Hot knives for the win! They get you so fckin stoned :)
  6. go get a toilet paper roll!!! tape one side closed! cut a hole ! put foil! tape that down! poke holes in the foil! yay!:hello:
  7. Got a bible sitting around the house anywhere? :D
  8. Yeah man, there's a few unprinted pages at the end (usually there for notes and shit)... You can use them for rollin papers :D
  9. theres sooooo many ways to make shit, just get creative. know the basics principles of a bong or a pipe, and just look for stuff that goes togheter. waterbottle + pen + socket head makes a home made bong. apple pipes are always nice
  10. I used to roll joitns with my english book (carbon paper consistency, like the bible), but i think the ink was a little harsh for me lungs so i cut that shit out.
  11. ahh, thanks.:] the homemade bong is the shit. haha and super fucking easy to make.
    =] i'm stoned.
  12. pics of bong?
  13. cut the top half off of a bottle so you have the regular top in ur mouth and the cut open end facing down

    hlod nugs at end and light them underneath this and inhle

    deffinately works

    helps if you have a stem to hold it by. or maybe tweezers?

    i tried smoking out of my hand once when i was like 15...didnt work out so well,haha
  14. Gb's are so easy to make and get you so fucked up..... Two liter bottle cut the bottem off. Get a small socket ( as in socket wrench the tool ) cut a whole in the top put the socket in the whole tape it or hot glue it..... then a 5 gallon bucket or any bucket fill it with water...... Pack the socket..... Put the 2 liter in the water before you put the top on slowly bring it up while you lite it then tkae the top off and inhale and push it back it down and it forces like 2 liters of smoke into yuor lungs :)
  15. no to any where that sells anything and buy rolling papers or a cheap cigar...
  16. Ya gravity bongs good or make a waterfall thos are pretty simple.
  17. here is a pic of the bowl I made for the bong. (you can imagine the bong yourself).
  18. okay here is the overall.


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