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Desperate Questions About Search Warrants

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Chirf, Sep 14, 2013.

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    So to give you an idea of what happened, one of my room mates was on xanax and got into a fight with someone in the parking lot of our apartment complex. the guy my room mate was fighting called the cops on him and 5 cop cars came rushing over to our complex. 
    The police came in under "Exigent Circumstances" to see if the other guy was hiding in our apartment (So basically we had 5 cops in our apartment) and one of the cops spotted an empty grinder from my room mates room. That's the only thing he saw though, luckily i hid everything I owned before anyone showed up (i got incredibly lucky cause they searched my room moments after putting everything away).
    So, the cop pulled my 3rd room mate to the side and started asking questions about what happened with the fight, and then he said he wasn't concerned about the weed stuff, he just wanted to be sure everyone was ok. At first we were extremely relieved that the cop didnt seem to care about the weed stuff, but we just got done talking to our friends dad (he's a lawyer) and apparently now that they saw the grinder they can freely search our house with a warrant at any time if they wanted to... which now has us paranoid.
    We don't want to risk getting caught but we also don't know how long we should wait before putting weed in our house again. These are the main questions I have about search warrants and how we should treat this situation.
    1]  How long does it normally take the cops to finally show up and ask to search your home with a warrant if they REALLY wanted to. As in, if they just found out we had a grinder in our apartment, how long would it normally take them to act on it, or is it possible they really wont come back to check if the cop said he was only concerned about the fight?
    2]  Should we even bother putting weed back in our apartment or are we pretty much fucked until we move out (and maybe away from the room mate that actually got caught with a grinder, since if they did search someone itd be him since the grinder was his).
    3]  Has this sorta thing happened to any of you? If so I'd love any advice I can get. I know they said they weren't concerned with the grinder but that doesnt mean they wont use this as a perfect way to get a warrant in the future.

  2. if they were going to do something about the weed you would be in jail right now. the cop isn't going to see the grinder and think "holy shit we've found the next george jung, lets build a case and kick down their door when they're asleep" most cops don't give a shit about the consumer, they're more focused on distribution. you're lucky the officer was a nice dude
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    If they were going to search your house and take the weed and paraphernalia, they would have already done so. Since the officer said he didn't care about the weed stuff he probably didn't even put it in the report. A detective may come by to follow up on the fight investigation if charges are being filed, but other than that you should be good.
  4. Yeah , at this point I wouldn't sweat it. Doubt the cop even wrote it in the report, especially if he didn't confiscate the grinder he did see.
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    My other room mate wanted me to point out the edit I put into my original post. That the cops came in under "Exigent Circumstances" and that there were 5 of them IN our apartment, not outside. 
    Also, the guy that called the cops on my room mate fled the scene before the cops arrived. Originally they were friends and what they fought over seemed kinda dumb so I don't think any charges are going to be filed. 
  6. He probably did a quick sense search of the place. Looked for any signs of a large illegal grow op or a large amount of marijuana. Sniffed the air for strong odors that would indicate a large amount. Today, it's embarrassing for a police officer to report to the commanding officer and his constiguents that he made an arrest for "an eighth of an ounce" of marijuana. He figured by seeing the grinder that you guys proabably had under an ounce and was cool about it.
  7. Depends how small of a town you are in. If its the big city I wouldn't worry. But in small towns cops can be assholes about little shit like that. if they haven't made any "drug busts" this month they will take whatever they can get.
  8. Nothing is going to happen if it already hasn't.
  9. I agree with everyone else in the thread. They're not going to come back to bust you guys for the weed. Like you said, the officer didn't care about that. He was there because of the fight, not to bust a couple stoners. If they were going to do anything about it, they would have done it that night. You're good man. :smoking:
  10. sounds like your friends dad was fucking with you. how does an herb grinder=they can search your house whenever they want? if they come back tell them to suck your ballsack.
  11. If they wanted to bust you they would have done it that night when you let them inside, no doubt about it. Why would they pass on a chance to get you just to come back a few days later with a warrant? Just chill dude, they obviously didn't GAD.
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    Funny story that might calm you down OP - I too had a cop come to my house one night for a domestic issue.  I forgot I had a big bag of the freaky deaky green and a pipe on my desk,  He found it, and I started stammering and trying to speak all formally and tell him it was tobacco.  He laughed, told me he didn't care and that it looked good and put the shit back where he found it,
    :smoking:  :metal:
  13. I've always been of the mindset that I'd rather be a little too safe and have nothing happen than to not care at all and be taken down for my neglect of my privacy.
    A grinder may not be probable cause as I'm sure you could say it's for numerous things when common knowledge basically tells you it's for weed. I'd be safe because you never know if they are going to decide to waste man hours over a little bit of weed in an effort to catch you slippin'. Common sense would be for them to just drop it as you're not some big time drug dealer, but there's not a lot of common sense in law enforcement these days. Do what you want, but I'd advise you to make sure you're not giving anyone more information than you'd like them to know. Be safe, not sorry.

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