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Desperate for weed, CANNOT get any...advice?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smucky, Oct 7, 2014.

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  1. For about a solid month now I've been asking friends all over the place if they could hook me up with some MJ, and so far nothing has worked out. 
    One extreme stoner friend of mine only had 2 gs left to her name, and she didn't have ANY money left, nor did she have any dealers to buy from. But she DID "borrow" my bowl, and she hasn't given it back. 
    Another friend told me that she could help me out in approximately two weeks (which was two weeks ago), I waited patiently and I texted her yesterday asking if she was still able to hook me up, NO RESPONSE. 
    I was going to ask another stoner friend of mine if he had any, although he didn't even bother responding to my initial text, which was "yo man what's been up". 
    Another good friend of mine who always has weed just decided to stop talking to me for no reason. this was months ago but still it pisses me off. 
    I don't know what to do, I am running out of time. I NEED it by this weekend. I promised my buddy that I would have some. 
    I don't know what I am doing wrong. I am not at all being shady or off putting. All I am asking is if they could at least help me out with getting a few grams of weed because my buddy is coming home from college this weekend and we both wanted to smoke. That's all. Like seriously why does it have to be so difficult. I mean pretty much everyone I know has weed but none of them are willing to help me get any.
    All my friends are well aware that I am a heavy smoker and I love nothing more than just kicking back and smoking up on some good weed. So why won't anybody help me out. I don't understand. 
    If you have any suggestions to help me get some LOUD by Friday night, it would be a great help. Thanks. 

  2. there has to be a reason why so many people are refusing to hook you up..
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    Well based off the fact that you don't have a dealer yet doesn't sound like a heavy smoker to me
    Go to a apartment complex that college kids stay at and ask around. It's how I found my guy
    Or if your even more desperate go to a gas station and wait for a stoner look person
    By the way, you got about a 50/50 chance of being ripped off doing this so... 
    Also consider what the person above me said. Are you too pushy? Do you text them a lot? Are you offering them anything to get it for you?
    he wants some LOUD..
    can't you read?
  5. Ahh hold on let me turn up my laptop volume... :hide: 
    but yet has no weed........hmmmm
  6. Don't ask to buy off them. I hate selling my shit, I'd rather have the weed than money.
    A better idea would be to say can you pick up for me. Like buy for you. I don't mind that personally
    By smoking, I meant like cigars and cigarettes and occasionally bud. Also, I NEVER asked anybody for THEIR weed, I specifically asking where I could get it, or if they could point me in the right direction. That's all. I would NEVER ask anybody to give up their stash for me.
    Like damn man how the f*** does anybody do this. I mean EVERY DAY for the past month I have been putting SO MUCH effort into getting like a few grams weed, and I haven't even gotten so much as a WHIFF of any. Every minute of every hour of every day all I am thinking about is when I am going to be able to smoke weed again, and it is driving me absolutely insane cause EVERYBODY is bailing on me for no reason.  Like seriously, I should just f***ing give up now. I feel like tearing my eyes out cause I am so frustrated and angry, but what's the point. I might as well just go back to chewing tobacco cause that's the only thing that can make me feel "slightly" high, even though it gives you cancer and causes DEATH and all sorts of cardiovascular and mouth problems and it is SIGNIFICANTLY more dangerous than weed, I might as well just keep doing that because no matter how hard I try, I will NEVER get another taste of bud again. 
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    Who the fuck let this asshole in here?
    Name-calling and disrespect for other members is not tolerated on Grasscity...
  9. Wait you have cash right? If you're just asking for a few grams of weed for free, forget about it. Otherwise if no one is selling to you then likely it has to do with something else.
  10. dude why would I ever ask for free weed? No, I am willing to pay EXTRA for the amount of hoops I've been having to go through, all though I most likely won't have to since none of my friends will help me out. 
  11. Just checking 
  12. To reiterate: I have been asking FRENDS if they could HELP me LOCATE a DEALER or anybody that sells weed, NEVER did I ask to dip into their own personal stash, NEVER did I ask for "free weed", and NEVER did I get too pushy, shady, or condescending. And by "heavy smoker, I wasn't referring to ONLY weed, I was INCLUDING tobacco products. 
    To my one friend, all I said was that I had promised my buddy that I would have some, we were arranging a little social gathering and it was my job to get the LOUD, and I asked if she could point me in the right direction. It was like two sentences and she had told me that she knew PLENTY of people who sold weed. This was two weeks ago. I waited patiently and texted her yesterday, asking if she could still help me out, and there was no response. I am feeling very frustrated because I have been extremely polite and I have demonstrate good intentions behind why I need it.
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    How old are you Billy?  Seriously though what advice did you expect to get? 
  14. Why do u heft 2 be mad ? Is only game . Just call it a day and tell your friends they are no goood for putting da pressure on u. And go back to dipping your not ment for the tree game

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  15. There's your problem, you are trying so hard and being an ass I wouldn't give you a cigarette let alone the time of day
  16. Need new friends

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    anybody that wants to smoke weed should be able to 
    just keep trying sooner or later you'll find the guy thats really makin their money off weed and has it all the time sounds like your just tryin other smokers
    have you offered to give them to give them like a gram or something for helping you out if your driving and just basically giving them free weed for getting you the sack that would be hard for me to pass up
  18. Maybe no one likes you?

    Seriously consider this possibility?

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  19. If none of your friends will help you just start asking around. Look for the stoner stereotypes on the street and ask if they know where to get some bud. I just moved to a new city and the first guy I asked gave me a number and even offered me a ride to the guys place because he was going to pick up.
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