Desperate enough to smoke resin?

Discussion in 'General' started by wonderwall2012, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Unfortunately all my money goes to bills and groceries a lot of times so I have to resort to resin. But the high isn't or at least doesn't feel, real.

    How often, if at all, do y'all resort to that nasty junk?
  2. I smoked the shit out of this stuff in my teen years.
    Fuck what anyone else says, res gets me ripped. I'd smoke it outta my hooka :smoke: I was ripped. No need to feel proud, desperate times. Toke up!
    95% tar
    5% THC xD
  3. My pieces never have enough resin buildup to be able to get high off of. I keep my shit clean
  4. Avid res smoker here. No shame.
  5. too often when I was younger...
  6. don' think thats resin,its tar.
  7. If you are resorting to smoking resin you should probably take a break from weed for a few days.
  8. I get my res and ball it up and sell it as hash to dumbasses
  9. I haven't had weed in almost a month. I have no other option so I choose to smoke resin and that's my choice.
  10. I always have a spoon that I never clean for this exact reason, works great as a last resort, doesn't last nearly as long though but definitely better than nothing.

  11. you've already gone a month why not wait a few days so you can buy a g bag?
  12. Because at the moment my money MUST go towards gas, food, and bills.
  13. When I clean my chillum, I soak it in Everclear until all of he resin dissolves. I set the Everclear out to evaporate and then take a razorblade and scoop it into a super sticky ball. Smokes as a good substitute for hash, and I can put it on top of some buds for an extra kick.
  14. interesting....
  15. I don't mind smoking resin. I take a "waste nothing" approach. There is THC in there, why not smoke it? It definitely doesn't give you the same high, its much shorter.
  16. i resort to it when im desperate, doesn't bother me as longs as i get a buzz off it
  17. When I'm dry, and I want a buzz, I try scraping my pieces.

    But I keep them clean generally.
  18. i had a huge resin ball after a bowl broke. rolled it up in a ball with some tobacco and kief. feelsgoodman.jpg
  19. Before I broke my old bowl I use to light the bottom of it and smoke it like a crack pipe whenever I was broke or dry. It had a pretty big whole and keif or small bid would always collect at the bottom of the bowl. It would actually get me high as shit but I felt like such a feign.
  20. i am a poor as fuck college student. of course i am desperate enough to smoke resin.

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