Desperados! 911 dollars!

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  1. If somebody told you come up w/ $1000 by the end of the day or you and your family,parents,pets everybody getz a bullet to their head....what kind of odd jobs would you do to come up with that? i'm not talkin to those w/jobs i'm talkin to all without jobs!! What would you do if you found yourself as a desperado on a search for some $$ to save your families livez...oh talkin to those that love their fam..not to those that won't give a shit!
  2. I think i would mug people. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  3. What job is going to allow you to make a grand in one day! large black shades, large hat, small note, and a bank.
  4. Ya I would hit nordstroms or some fancy clothing store which is popular, tons of cash on hand and you will easily get 1k and get out.
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    i'd hit up every single neighborhood in reach that's got bulk trash on the curb until i had recycled enough metal and found enough jewelry + other valuables to buy my way out.....i'd pawn every working electronic and hope i find a fucking 4 carat diomond [so i'd actually make a profit on their desperado asses]

    I'd even post several items on ebay and say it's to help a loved one. $1,000. gimme back my fam

    what do i win?

    awesome question

  6. for 1k i'd just goto the bank and withdraw from my account......

    as far as death threats go... i dont play that shit......
    in that case the beast will com out.....(beast is unmentionable)
  7. I'd probably rob a friend blind. Easiest way without risking jail time, and I could explain it to them later! I'm sure they would forgive me and I could pay them back.
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    Damn some people, actually naw this dude was the greenest^ but dont rob anyone unless they sell drugs. are green as fuck on here. Rob the dopeman not your friend. But Id prolly only come up with 500. Buy a throwaway, a half, some no dose and as many bullets as possible.

    Saying this is real bro you know watchu did when you did it. Either live the life or start gettin your family somewhere safe because you really shouldnt have to ask all these weedsmokers.
  9. sell my car...its worth more than 1000 i could definitely get 1000 for it in one days effort
  10. You make no sense. Why not just ask him then????????
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    Lol true, but I was thinking I wouldn't be able to just ask for the money. I would just take both his LCD tv's

    1000 isn't a lot though. I could easily sell some crap and get that in a second. Should make it 10,000
  12. Steal a family members credit card, buy something for 1,000 dollars, return it and get cash back?

    Not sure if you can do that, but uh...yeah.
  13. Ima sell my car for cheap.. And if it's almost the end of the day I'll just go around saying ill sell my car for exactly 1G
  14. sell any of my watches, sell a couple pair of sneakers or some jackets i have, or sell some of my chains or pendants. a while ago i came into a large sum of money and took half of it and bought a couple ounces of gold and keep that as an emergency source of cash. if the world tanks... at least i have gold
  15. If I knew where they were me and two minivan's loaded up with ex military freinds, my cop freind, and my homeboy who won some NRA contests would be heading up with my collection of guns, two 1911 .45's. an AK-47 with two 30 round clips, a SKS, couple Mosin nagant's to have some sniper's up aways, my .380, my derringer in case shit got hairy and I needed a two shot backup gun, oh and my .357 and .22LR tactical with a 50 rounder.

    either that or I'd sell a couple guns.

  16. yea i'd just wait til a business lookin guy/girl is usin a cash machine and mug them

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