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Desktops now a Niche Market?

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by musicman17, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. don't get me wrong, i love desktops. i'm building a gaming rig right now with an i7 2600k, 16gb of ram and a amd 7950 vapour x graphics card

    i prefer desktops to laptops mostly because they are more powerful and can be upgraded when necessary, which is important for me as i'm into gaming, photo and video editing. and i like the other things too, like multiple monitor setups, custom builds, the durability of them and also the ability to do repairs myself.

    although i have noticed that desktops arn't as popular as they used to be for normal everyday tasks like word processing, internet, watching movies and light/casual gaming.

    out of all the people i know, the only ones who use desktops anymore are heavy gamers, or need a lot of power for high end stuff like video rendering.

    have laptops replaced desktops as the mainstream pc of choice?

    are desktops now just a niche market for gamers and power users?

    what do you guys think?
  2. Going all out on that cpu lol, overclocking it?

    For the casual user tablets, smart phones and laptops are becoming more prevalent definitely. But desktops will be around for a long while. They have so much more functionality to them compared to a laptop.

    Any programmer, video editor or gamer will still need a good computer to use. And plus it's so much fun building desktops.

    But yea, for regular users a laptop is probably more efficient.
  3. I don't like sitting crouched over a desk, I'm usually kicked back in my recliner on my laptop....

  4. went all out on the cpu because while i'll be mostly gaming, i will be doing a lot of photo and video editing aswell. editing HD video takes up a lot of cpu power, especially professional grade software, i have a 2.3 ghz quad core i5 in my laptop and after effects maxed it out just opening a small clip.

    definately overclocking, got a cooler master v8 to go with it so i'm gonna aim for 4.2 ghz minimum overclock, will be going as high as possible without pumping crazy voltages into it.

  5. sitting at the desk can be pretty comfy too, get a decent sized monitor and big comfy chair, you can kick back and relax, and you got somewhere to put your feet up too :D
  6. I think not. Desktops are still in almost every house no matter how many tablets and laptops they have.

    Most people have one of everything lol (Desktop, laptop, tablet, netbook, smartphone...)
  7. I wouldn't call them a niche market but they are definitely on the decline.

    These days, at work when people request that I order a computer, if they don't specify then it means they just assume it will be a laptop. They don't even think anyone uses desktops anymore. I ask which one they want and they go "Whoa I just assumed it would be a laptop, why would you chain me to a desk blah blah blah"

    Personally I like desktops because I fucking hate carrying a laptop around. I would rather have a desktop everywhere I go instead of having to bring the laptop with me. I have a cell phone, and that can do most of what I need. But not everything, so the laptop is still a necessity.

    Unless they make an iPhone 5 to DB9 cable...then I could probably ditch the laptop.
  8. Custom built desktops have always been a niche market. Btw, I wouldn't be surprised if in 3-8 years time I find the power of a 6950 in a smart phone.
  9. yeah i mean its possible, but imagine how much better desktop graphic cards are going to be in 3 years. desktops aint going anywhere
  10. i say 8-12 years :p

  11. Even when we have phones with that processing power, it doesn't change the fact that they will be much more useful. I mean you can't do the things on a phone that need all that power such as gaming and editing.

    Desktops are still going to be needed, until some crazy new technology comes out, like some virtual computers or something lol.
  12. Here ya go!

    And here's the product:

    So it won't be long before they do.
  13. Desktop computers are dying because desktop applications are dying.

    Everything is moving to the web. The power of desktops is simply no longer needed for the mass market - applications are developed for mobile platforms (phones, tablets, laptops) i.e. to run on inferior hardware.

    The only reason to buy a new desktop these days is because it's cheaper (most people don't care), you're a gamer (console gamers are more prevalent), or need it for a specific application (video editing, 3D modeling, programming, etc).
  14. Well hot damn!

    E-mail sent to our vendor to make them track one down for me. Thanks!

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