Desk Vapes. Are They Worth It?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by MileHighPotHead, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. I love all of my portable/pen vapes, but I think it's time to move up to a big-boy vape.  Any recommendations?  And is it really worth 200$+?

  2. I recommend the Extreme-Q.
    Pros:  Good temperature control, efficient, good taste, and it gets you so high.  You can also use the bag option.
    Cons: Elbow get dirty kind of quickly, though it is easy to clean with salt water.
  3. I recommend the Da Buddha, the Extreme Q's air path goes through the whole unit. And there's more parts to break. It's dedicated to whip style so you can get huge hits out of it. I've had mine for a year. 
  4. i recommend the silver surfer vape, you  can customize it whit colors and different unique glass. :bongin:
  5. Silver surfer or da buddha, i love my silver surfer
    Better than Da Buddha/SSV?  Those are the two i've been lookin at most.
    I was looking into Da Buddha.  Is there any flaws in it?  Have you broken it ect?  That's a pretty penny, but if it's worth it I can't complain.
    I'm not really into the whole looks, I just look for function.  Would you consider it worth the 200 some bucks?  
    Which one though?  I have heard great things about both.  Which would you recommend over the other?
  7. I have a da buddha aswell. It is my favorite smoking tool. Big hits, tasty vapor, super durable and simple. Ive seen videos of people throwing them and shit to prove the durability.
  8. well most people are recommending ssv or dbv (silver srufer/ da buddah) both are very good vapes made by the same companie, ill explain the differences between them
    The ssv is about $30-$50 more than the buddah vape depending on where you purchase it from. The ssv has a tilted heating element which helps to prevent bud from falling out of the bowl and into the heating element, the ssv also has a little but more customizability (although it sounds like that does not matter to you. Also the ssv has a smaller intake hole (not by much) which produces, fatter, thicker hits.
    In my opinion you would be extremely happy with each and if your trying to spend as little as possible than go for dbv you can pick one up on ebay for $150.
    I've broken the glass wand but that was just me being stupid and putting it up in high places where it's prone to be broken. It was sturdy glass, it took 3 drops from the same height before it broke. Also, no flaws with the design. The outside is made of aluminum, which protects the glass heater cover. I've dropped my vape a couple of times and only the finish chipped (black model).
    Durability test:
  10. My vote goes also for the SSV. I know it's few extra $$ but they are well spent!
    The DBV wand seems to break more easily than the SSV one. Also I prefer the standard glass (SSV) to the ground glass (DBV) since you can move it and turn it around as you draw.
  11. It seems you have it pretty well narrowed down between the DB or thr SSV but I will say I love my extreme q. I don't particularly like whip style vapes and the eq was the best bag setup I found while staying outta crazy volcano prices
  12. Extreme q or ssv both are hard to beat .
  13. Just bought a SSV. Best decision I've ever made, Colorado based company too so I can't complain.  I get to rep CO Springs while getting medicated.  Thanks guys.  Is the vapor cooler attachment for the SSV or Ice catcher custom whip worth it?  Just so many cool attachments.
    ya dude theres so much cool shit for the ssv. so far for mine ive purchased one of there percs and thats it but let me tell you vaping through a water filter is definately woth it but I dont highly recommend buying things from their site unless your looking for something really custom and unique otherwise just buy a bubbler with a 14/18mm slot and buy an adapter from either ther ssv website of from
    thats just what I would do if I could do it over again because I saw the same exact thing I bought from the ssv website on pipesdaddy for like half the cost lol.
    either way though vaping with any sort of percolation is sweet, I highly recommend it.
  15. Solo. I hardly use my eq. Its a bong only vape for me now. My solo is 85% of the time my go to but the eq is a monster on my bong
  16. ^^that. i have had my extreme (previous version of Q) for a looonnggg time, once i got the solo, that turned into my daily driver....great little stoner unit, heats up fast, thick hits, one bowl to the head is all it ever takes to get the job done..
    but the extreme still rocks the bong hard...
    anyways OP, glad you got a desktop dude! they are very nice, i like that i can leave it on and come back to it whenever im doing shit around the house....or just sit down and get stoned as phhhhuuuccckkkkk :hello:  :hello:  :hello:  :bongin:  :smoking:  :smoke:  :hippie:
  17. Da Buddha , Extreme Q, Solo or DaVinci. Great affordable vapes. Try SSV or LSV if you are willing to spend a little more.
    Haha I love this thing.  Rips like a monster through my bong too :eek:
    Already bought a SSV :D
    Hell yea :cool: You cant go wrong with anything 7thfloor
    This is easily going to be the best purchase in your WHOLE stoner career. It was defiantly my best purchase so far. Got the Black SSV with a yellow base with the travel bag for $199.99 on eBay. 

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